Shapeless Demon

I used to have a dream in which I would wake up and be resting on my bed. The only reason I knew I was dreaming was that there was never any sound or temperature. Upon trying to move in the dream I would feel an incredible spiritual pressure weighing me down, it was so powerful I could not even breath at times. The only way to wake from it was to calm myself and force one of my arms up through the pressure. Later the source of the pressure began to manifest itself as a floating shapeless mist-like creature/demon. It wore a dark blue grim reaper-like outfit only there was nothing inside the robe but blackness (I always felt as though reaching inside it's hood would feel like the cold nothingness of outer space, like their was some sort of dimensional rift within). The last time I had this dream, which was about 7 or 8 years ago, the demon once again appeared hovering over me while I laid on my bed, but there was no pressure that time, then it just vanished. The dream was not over because as soon as it disappeared I felt my ankles and wrist gripped by spirit like hands coming from my bed that I could only feel. Finally one final hand wrapped itself around my neck, I fought harder than ever before to break free and was able to wake up. Upon waking up I could still feel the pressure on my neck as I checked myself in the mirror I saw I had a hand print on my neck, yet none on my ankles and wrists. I logically thought I probably choked myself will sleeping, however upon further inspection I noticed the hand print was larger than mine and only appeared to have two large fingers and a large thumb. Now after all these years the demon returned in my dreams tonight. I was about to use my computer, but I felt tired so I decided to lye down for a bit. I feel asleep and began to have a typical dream. After a while I awoke from that dream or so I thought, this was the first time I could not tell the difference between the dream world and the real world. Everything was exactly the same as when I feel asleep, my computer was on, I was holding a portable external hard-drive in my hand and was about to get up when I began hearing an extremely eerie scratching noise coming from the outside of my door. The scratching ceased and I slowly moved my hand that was holding the external drive towards my body when it was forced back to it's original position. My peripherals caught sight of the mist creature spawning in the upper corner of my room above me. It descended towards me and came extremely close to my ear as it phased through my bed. As It made it's way past my ear it made a soft demonic growl and I could feel it's hot breath on my ear. The demon seamed weaker this time around as I felt no pressure, but the dream was much more vivid. The demon also felt as though it was taking form, as though it attempted to form a face. Not sure what to make of these strange new changes to this nightmare of mine.
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yeah it does deal alot with stress, fear or like u said wrongful experinces were basically always dealing with me when i was little..UNTIL it found my WEAKNESS! back in 2006, one night i came home from work and slept on the futon on the floor while my mom on the bed and baby in da crib. I started feeling that someone was standing above me and just staring at me..i WOKE up, and saw this black hooded shadow staring down at me, this is not the first time though, i stared back at it.. and said, ugh! whatever! just go away! not feeling even sacred anymore..and then i saw it walk away from me to the crib! and my baby just scream out loud as if someone had hit her..both me and mom just looked at each other and ran to the baby..i just knew it was that thing trying to scare that point, i started to feel a bit scared, knowing what that thing is capable of because i challenged it by not being afraid, it had to find my weakness..then for three years, nothing happened, until the fourth year, i recently gave birth to another baby girl, a few days later we were back at home, i got another visit from the thing again..i woke up hearing my baby crying, when i looked above her head, there was that thing again!! the same black hooded shadow just standing above her head..i was ready to be a mother defending her little one, but it just disappeared..i was angry, confused and also scared for my girls..but like i said, it finds ur weakness and uses it against u.

Also I should have been more clear in this latest dream I was not in a state of paralysis the only thing similar between this dream and the former is the creature. I'm thinking it's the symbolization of my wrongful intentions that just took the form of something I was familiar with.<br />
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@finneweires yeah it used to happen to me a lot when I was younger. After the first two or three time I got more angry and annoyed than scared tho. lol I would tell myself, not this again, but yeah got scarier the last few times.

that happend to me ever since i was in elementary school, i use to get really scared..then i learned that wiggling the toes helps, but calling out the lords name or saying a prayer in mind really helps, and don't be afraid! cus it senses it, it feeds of our fears, it takes our energy thats why we get soo tired after that..and remember u can always feel it, its what makes u sleepy, its lures u to say a prayer before u sleep or have someone be with you when u sleep..this is my personal experience..

I do sleep on my side, I can't fall asleep on my back for some weird reason. I also don't eat past 10p.m. since the body slows down and doesn't break food down as fast. Thanks tho.