A Christian Girl Died After Having Nightmares

RIPChelsea, previously known as ub40fan, (and now got deleted) had nightmares for 3 weeks, dreaming about her death. At least 2 of these dreams involved her garage, and her body discovered by her mom when she died in it. It was June 13 when she shared that.

June 15th midnight just about 12am turning 16th, she and I met for the first time. We talked about a mutual EP friend we both knew, and she told me her latest news since the mutual friend was no longer on EP due to a tragic event. I had been praying for that friend so it was a relief to hear from Chelsea that she was kinda okay. I also left a comment in her dream story. You may see that story just before this one under "I Have Nightmares" titled "My Death"

On Jun 20, 1:30 pm Chelsea's dead body was discovered by her mom. They indeed worked in the garage shortly before she was found laying on the ground at home. Before she crossed over, she left a message on my EP wall.

You may see the details reported by her friends in real life through EP Link "I want to Make a Tribute to Chelsea Birchmier"

The whole situation for her was eerie. I don't like the mood of her dreams. They seemed evil.

For the last month or two, I have been on alert, praying for my EP friends almost every night, because I sensed death upon some of them. I have been praying for my own family and it seemed that my prayers have prevented some possible death. I was afraid that one day one of my EP friend disappeared without me knowing if she was okay. (Guys don't talk to me often on EP, so... most of my EP friends are girls.)

When I heard about her death, my heart cringed. We have the signs coming and yet I still managed to let her slipped away like that. I wish that she is in heaven. I don't believe in the Once Saved Always Saved doctrine, so I really hope that Chelsea was prepared enough when she died. Would that be any sin that she hadn't repented? My heart ached. I couldn't imagine how someone I met just days ago, who is so young, who only turned 18 years old recently, was sent to hell just like that.

I felt that God let me caught her nightmare story just in time to pray for her. I left a comment on her dream story and that was it. I remembered I had prayed for her in my late late night prayer walks. I don't remember the details. I was afraid that she died because I didn't pray for her intensively enough.

This afternoon, I was laying on the floor in my room, and tears came out. I was surprised I actually shredded tears for a person I had only met a few days ago. I told God that if he wasn't going to answer my prayers next time, then just kill me. I will never tolerate any unanswered prayer for someone like Chelsea anymore. The whole thing appeared to be so pointless---I was somehow led to meet her, and to learn about her prophetic nightmares, and yet somehow still see her died without preventing anything from happening.

I hope that God actually allowed this to happen so she could go to heaven. I heard that sometimes God take lives prematurely because he knew if they don't go now, they will get caught in sins and never come back to God. I really wish that this is the case. But her dreams seem so evil. How could they be from God? But at least she had the dreams to help her prepared for eternity. Many people died without any foreknowledge.

Nevertheless, just before I started typing this story I sensed some consolation, maybe it was from God. Maybe he was telling me that she is in heaven, because God knew that her life is going to be unbearable if she is to stay on earth.

If you read my story "Consolation For My Pains", you will know that how much my life had become harder for me after a near-death experience at 14, when I asked God to let me live. Maybe God knew I was going to take so much more to live and offered me a way out, but I chose to stay.

I wish this is the case for Chelsea, and if so, I shall see her in heaven one day. We will be forever friends.

If you want to start a prayer chain with me for the eternal destiny of our EP friends, my Christian blog is bible-verses-insights.com


Her family friend told me about her last days, and it sounded like she really cherished her last days on earth. I was convinced that God probably had a plan to prepare her for departure from earth, to avoid something bad that might happen to her, or to spare her of temptations that she won't be able to resist.

Isaiah 57:1

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.
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She died by monoxide from the car engine. It wasn't a suicide. The dark dreams she had foreshadowed that she would die like that and she did.<br />
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I am still talking to her family friend. Her mom now just gave birth to a new baby girl.