I Have Always Had Nightmares

I have always had nightmares, more of it happens when after watching a scary movie, thoughts that go through my mind that I don't notice and won't like or when there are thunderstorms happening outside when I'm tired of watching it and heading to bed. They always felt very real and were life and death situations of tornadoes, being in the woods, gangs & drugs etc, most of the dreams I have had I couldn't survive the dream I always died at the end no matter how hard I tried to I always managed to die and really not say any last words to when I did. 

Here's one I had last night when there was a thunderstorm going on that night...

There I was me all grown up living living with my wife in the country in  no kids yet but will soon hopefully. So I said to my wife "I'm gonna go for a little walk" then she said "be careful" then I said "okay I will". So then I started my walk but when I reached the next street I just remembered I didn't have my cell phone on me, so I couldn't call her if something happened to me & I was gonna turn back cause I was to far from the house and only be walking for 15 minutes so I wasn't gonna turn around and go back. Plus in my mind I said to myself "nothing is gonna wrong on the walk of mine". But when I turned left on the road I had a strange feeling something bad was gonna happen but I just ignored it and continued walking down the stone road. But 10 minutes later the wind started to pick up and the temperature dropped but then like another 10 minutes of more walking I noticed a funnel cloud forming to the ground so when it hit the ground a football field length in front of me. So I started to turn around and run to the house as fast as I can to tell her but as soon  about 25 steps another one dropped right down in front of me, I was like "really another one" then I booked it down to the closest road and I did and saw an abandon barn with a shelter under it so I ran there as fast as I could. When I had made it there and got in to the shelter and locked up the door good but I didn't know the tornado changed its direction and when I noticed it was right on top of the abandon barn then like seconds later the door started to shake. So I went running to the door to keep it shut with all my strength, but it was no use it was too strong so then the door ripped ope and as I went with it I was dead when I got sucked up in the funnel and in split second i saw pitchfork come right at me in the head instantly.... I was dead 

But then when that happened I woke up crying just of how fast it all happened. Thanks for reading, will probably have more nightmares to come & tell     I hate it so much wish they could stop but the don't .

jdoggs jdoggs
18-21, M
Aug 22, 2011