Most Leave Me Shaking And Close To Tears...

Most of my dreams involve me and a couple close friends in a post apocalyptic situation where there's nothing but desert and a building or two. More recently, they've been taking place at my school. It's been overrun by demons, there's been a shooting, and sometimes even rape. Those are the nightmares that scare me the most.
I wake up sweating and breathing heavy, like I've been running. Sometimes I wake up crying or close to screaming.
I never sleep all the way through the night, I almost always wake up at 1 or 2 am from a nightmare. Somehow, I'm able to fall into a dreamless sleep. For about a month, if I sleep, it's either nightmares or no dreams at all...
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Dreams have themes that represent what you're struggling with in your waking life. Whatever is scaring you in life needs serious attention. when you solve the problem there, the nightmares ought to slow down and stop. :(

There's so much that scares me... it's really only events that can happen in real life....

why dont you tell your doctor or somthing? not your family but someone?

I don't see my doctor very often because of my family :/

wow.......i swear if i knew where you lived and i had evidence of your basterd family (not trying to offend you, jsut talking about the people who hurt you in your family) i would kill them one deserves what they put you through....they should all die in hell

I honestly would love to live with my oldest sister and her wife... they just wouldn't be able to support me throughout highschool, and that's the only problem with them :/