I have had this dream twice now, and while the dream is long I will try not to be. It starts by a cabin a new house I have an eerie feeling to begin with. The cabin is by itself in the mountains. I remember skiing this time. Then I remember some one being after us ( me and my ex wife and another couple. It's dark the cabin is secluded, and the killer which oddly enough is wearing a clown mask, kills the other couple. The cabin has 2 main floors and a loft. The killer kills the other couple on the second floor and runs off. We are scared to death and run to the loft. We are so happy being alive we start fooling around and I'm facing the stairs the only way up to the loft and she is facing the railing over the balcony in case he could some how get up that way. We heard a door open and then we heard the heat kick on, then we heard glass break. We both look at each other like did we just hear that. She starts to freak out And i'm trying to calm her down. I don't remember how but we end up back downstairs and I'm going room to room looking, she's glued to my hip. Suddenly I see her eyes get huge. I turn around and see the killer had crawled up the fireplace right underneath where we were upstairs, and as strange as its sounds he was not only wearing a clown mask, he was chewing the glass he broke. Immediately I was furious and started toward him, but grew weak and in shock. There was a cane on the other side of the fireplace and I was telling my wife to get it for me to hit him with but I was paralyzed and in shock, I could barely talk. I was woke myself up pointing and saying cane.
Wrcw Wrcw
Nov 28, 2012