My dad hits me because of this...he told me only babbys have nightmares,i cry every night..and sometimes pee the bed..whats rong with me
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13-15, F
4 Responses Jan 29, 2013

You "might" be having nightmares because your dad is abusing you. Yeah, it takes a "real" man to hit a child. he should be in jail. Go to local police station and report him. My dad kicked me and slapped me. I'm a survivor, but the scares are still there. My life might have been different if that had'nt happened to me. Please get help.

There is nothing wrong with you at all he's just being an abusive ******* you need to tell somebody and get help hun just remember their only dreams and they can never hurt you

There's something wrong with your dad. He should never hit you because of that, and never in the kind of situation you're passing through.

Oh honey there is nothing wrong with you, your dad is so wrong for hitting you and telling you only babies have nightmares, everyone has nightmares. Maybe you might be having night terrors . I am saying this because of the way they effect you. You might try looking this up to give you more understanding on the subject.