Scary... :(

I have nightmares often. They're scary. People die. A lot. In very disturbing ways. Sometimes I hate going to sleep because I'm scared of what I'll see next... 

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I would like to hear more about your dream ( details) I have a lot of experience with dream problems myself. For about 10 years I had a recurring dream. It was a horrible dream that made no sense to me at the time and I had no way of knowing when I would have it. Your dream means something to you. It may not mean anything bad but you need to explore it more. I found out what my dream was about and the dream went away just like that.

Thanks Rainbow. I will try some of your ideas tonight.

Yeh it' hard, but really try just not to think about it when you go to sleep....think of good memories maybe, or anything to take your mind off it e.g (nice holidays, what your going to do tomrorow, funny jokes anything) and just relax. Because obviously your brain is going to remember what you did in the day, plus even the last things you think about, so maybe if you just don't think about it, perhaps it won't come back......this usually works for me...good luck:)

You are being called by the Night Mare. I would like to help you if you are ready for or want help. I have found that a Night Mare is usually a tension created by your being out of touch with some divine aspect of your own “IDEAL” self. (Ideal=I Devine) Theory is that our ideal essence is closest to our Devine Creator. The greater our actual self is from our ideal the greater the tension and the stronger the Night Mare. <br />
<br />
(1.) Here is a example of a of my Night Mare and how I found the truth behind my fear. In my case I was afraid of my own female energy…<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> [favorite Night Mare]<br />
<br />
(2.) Here is a “How to” example…<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> [control lucid dreaming]<br />
<br />
(3.) here is a step by step lesson that will help you find that most negative place on your own body. Once found it will help you get in touch with the principal reason for your having a NightMare… <br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> [in touch with negative energy]<br />
<br />

Someone told me that dreaming about people's death means you are giving them years of life.<br />
yeah, but it's still frightening.

never had a decomposing dream. the only person that ever dies in my dreams is me.. over and over again.. sorry k.. i wish i could make the dreams go away.

eh I got over it/sorta

:( I'm sorry that sounds horrible..

I had a dream that turned out to be mu mom. Long storry short it was this botty rotting with worms and all sorts of stuff crawling in and out of it.