My Favorite Night Mare


My Favorite Night Mare.  

One quick point. Night, of course, stands for dark/black. Mare is from the Roman word for Mother. Night Mare = Dark Mother. Interesting. My motto is  embrace the Night Mare, my Holy Mother…Mr. Dew 

  Second quick point. I believe we are ALL the sons and daughters of our ONE Creator. One Creator with a great many aspects. 


  Now, welcome to my Night Mare…

                                                           I became lucid while sleeping and immediately but slowly turned to my left as I had trained myself to do. I could feel something approaching me in the blackness behind me. I felt joy in my heart because I knew this was panic that precedes my Night Mare.

I kept slowly turning left so as to not wake up and remain lucid in my dream.   I could feel and barely make out a dense forest with a great many snakes of all sizes at my feet and hanging from the trees. I became a super Nova and destroyed this image. (Not the energy, the image) 

  Next the forest was gone and a sharp image of a homosexual man came toward me. I felt uncomfortable with this image and again became super Nova.  

When the sparks settled I saw a beautiful woman standing in the center of a wooded clearing. I stepped from the woods and immediately recognized her. She was me. I was her.   I walked up to her a touched her. Reality split. Like a massive bolt of lighting. She, I, the dream and reality, all became one in a single event that I had never experienced before.    I could see that we were holding a powerful, other worldly, long blade dagger. On the left side the blade appeared to have sharp waves marching to the point, disappearing at the point, yet forever marching to the point. I wanted that dagger with all my being. She laughed and said “It is yours.” I replied that I didn’t want the dream knife,so much, I wanted the real knife. She said “You can have both.”  

She said…”Go to Big Al’s pawn shop on Broadway and Colfax tomorrow at 5 minutes before 9am and Big Al will help you. 

  I woke up in my very real bedroom and wrote this dream down. It was 4:15 am and I wondered what I was going to do between then and 5 till 9. 

  After driving around the block several times I was able to park in front of Al’s Pawn Shop at 5 to 9.   A older guy, about 5’ 2” was unlocking the front door. I said I was looking for Big Al. He said “You found him. and I fallowed him inside.   I went straight to the knife counter and looked hard for my magic knife. Nothing but junk.  

Big Al said “Find what you want?” I told him “No. I am looking for a long blade dagger with waves at the point.” Big Al smiled and disappeared in to the back room.   He came out with a flat black box. He opened it and there was my Dream Knife! 

  It had serrated edges for about 3” toward the point of the dagger. I looked at the blade and saw a small etched marking of a sword imbedded into a stone. A Gerber.

Big Al explained that a Gerber salesman had this knife that was shown to a focus group. They all liked the model that had the serrated edge at the hilt end of the blade. So, this knife was no good.

I asked Big Al how much and he said $50. I held my breath and didn't move, I counld not  believe my luck. I was prepared to pay ANYTHING.

Big Al then said “you can have it for $30.     

I gave him $50. and left before he could say a word.    I still have this knife.

I swear on all that I hold to be sacred, My Goddess, My wife, marriage and my sons this story is true…Mr. Dew  

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
7 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Sleepless42, if you remember your scary dream then you were in fact lucid to some degree...DD<br />
<br />
emrldpeeps. YEA! I am so glad you have had some of the same kinds of dreams were you were able to get what you wanted. I am a little concerned that some people will not believe my dream. "Some people" I don't care about, you I care about...DD

NANSELTAR you may be on to something. I suspect that Sleepless42 may have PHYSICAL problems that induce scary dreams. this is a very different from the panic that precedes the coming of the Night Mare! We could be smart. Gold stars all around. Sleepless42 get your body to a sleep clinic (don't tell them Dewduster sent you) and have them check you for a physical disorder that could be inducing scary dreams...DD

I think we are working with two different definitions of nightmare here. My understanding is that for Sleepless, it is a scary dream, and for DD, it's a visitation from a spiritual being, in the ancient sense of the word?

Mmmmmm sounds like words Mmmmmm. I don't like these facts so I will not accept them. Lol...I FEEL, so I believe, that THE TRUTH is that I was indeed in the mist of a strong Night Mare. I then be came lucid and destroyed the image that me was a Night Mare. I destroyed the second image and met the image that I loved. How does that fit with your fact?...DD

This one could have been very "dark". Men have killed them self’s in the struggle to balance their female energy with their conditioned self image of them self’s. Learning to control my Night Mare is the key to this happy ending.

OK NANSELTAR, I have taken your good advice and have made it clearer, both when I came back to reality and my reason for paying the first priced asked for. Again I felt very clearly at the time that he only offered me a lower price because I had not responded to his first price offer. There was no way I was going to give him a cheaper amount!!!...Mr. Dew

It's not quite clear to me whether you went to Big Al's in your dream or in reality. I am assuming you went in reality and really found your knife. I'm intrigued by the $50 you paid, because decades ago I was taught that in acquiring sacred ob<x>jects, always pay the asked-for price and don't haggle. <br />
Seems to me you were not dreaming, you were visioning, and had a wonderful visitation. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing it.