This Dream Happened When I Fell Asleep Today...

I am at a party having a good time. I walk around the party till i see a cracked door that catches my curiosity. I slowly push the door open and i find my girlfriend having a heated make out session with some guy ..her hand is slowly rubbing his leg. the door makes a squeak as i open it a little more in shock and they both jump. She looks at me with fear in her eyes since she was caught and i continue to stare at her in shock. the room is silent for a long time. My face contorts to a blank, dark expression and i leave the room heading towards the door full of anger and hate and distrust. She comes running after me, turns me around "its not what it looks like.." she then kisses me but i don't even make the effort to kiss her back or push her away. When she stops trying to kiss me she tries to explain herself but i just look at her with an uncaring, blank face and turn to leave. "Where are you going?" she asks, her voice full of fear and apprehension. "home" i say bluntly and a bit forcefully. " come with you" she stutters, rushing to put on a coat. "no, you stay and enjoy the party as long as you want" i say in a forceful tone with a hint of disgust laced into my speech. i turn towards the door, then i add "i hope i never see that kid again.." my voice grows darker and a bit violent as i finish the sentence "..because if i do, I will stab and beat him and watch his blood drain from his body." I walk out the door and then i go back inside the house to see her collapse to the ground and starts crying. As i am walking home, a car pulls up next to me. My girlfriend rolls down her window and asks if i would like a ride home. I ignore her for a few seconds then answer no and continue to walk. She haphazardly gets out of the car and catches up to me turning me around. She then begin to beg for my forgiveness and starts to cry while she is doing so saying what she did was horribly wrong and that she never would do it again but i give her the same blank stare and walk off stating "I am going home" She yells something at me and breaks down on the sidewalk as i walk away. I don't care. Later on my way home she tries to call me which i ignore and then she tries to text me but i never answer her back. The next day i may but for now her name is **** to me. I am just going home...and going straight to bed. I may forgive her...but i will never forget and i will make sure by the time i forgive her that she will never forget either.

RussianCossack55 RussianCossack55
Feb 25, 2009