years ago i used to have nightmares almost every night.. scared to sleep.. mostly in nightmares the scene is trying to kill you or ur love ones .. months or years with this dream, ur consciousness is awake, i see my sisters sleeping beside me, tried to scream or pinch them and asked for help, but no respond from them. all i do is pray till i wake up. i learned to wake up myself from nightmares by moving my toes finger then foot till i wake up, its very hard. asked old people for help how to avoid those nightmares, some told me just be friendly and happy, some told me put a broom stick outside the door to avoid bad spirit, tell to a tree about ur dream, bite a wood etc.. its crazy but i did all of them. one night idk but maybe bcoz i am really sicked of that nightmare i shout to my dream i fought them, told them it is my dream i should be the lead in here. from then 6 out of 10 of my nightmares i can fight like superheroes but waking up after 1-3 mins. i still get nightmares but not frequent as i do before.
mxmsterian mxmsterian
26-30, F
Aug 25, 2014