Last Night Was the Worst

My medication gives me vivid and horrifying dreams. I tend to tell people about the dreams that have a dash of humour included but there are some I wouldn't dare to share.


Last night was horrible. I was screaming and shouting in my sleep. In my nightmare it was like I was drunk or drugged. I just collapsed in slow motion hitting my head and cracking it open on the way down multiple times. I could feel every second of it. The dream kept cutting scenes and everytime I would be collapsing in what felt like a drunken stuper. Everyone around me would be screaming but I couldn't see more than a blur. i would hear them screaming and shouting and moving around as I fell backwards hitting my heead repeatedly. I don't know why but I fell backwards everytime. I would be standing there talking and would be as sober as ever and then a wave of subconscious awareness would wash over me and I would collapse backwards as though going into a drunken coma.


I remember my family had been included in the dream, and some friends taht I knew a few years ago. I remember waking multiple times and freaking out because I never went into anything more than a subconscious state.I tried to scream and shout when I woke up and would then doze back off against my will.

I felt so helpless and nothing I did when I was awake or asleep would stop this chain of events from continuing. I woke up eventually and have had a headache since.

The medication gives me the most vivid and frightening nightmares but yet it puts me to sleep. I can't function without it though so I guess the nightmares are normal for me now.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

Because your meds have a role I don't know if what I know can help you or not. Look over my suggestions and if they are of interest to you then please use what I have to offer. I used to have Night Mares and now I have peace. However, mine were more of a spitural nature. Possable yours may have some elemental spirtual nature even if thery are caused by meds. Being able to control your Night Mare can't hurt!<br />
I have found that a Night Mare is usually a tension created by your being out of touch with some divine aspect of your own “IDEAL” self. (Ideal=I Devine) Theory is that our ideal essence is closest to our Devine Creator. The greater our actual self is from our ideal the greater the tension and the stronger the Night Mare. <br />
<br />
(1.) Here is a example of a of my Night Mare and how I found the truth behind my fear. In my case I was afraid of my own female energy…<br />
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