I Am Fascinated By Nightmares..

When I was like 6-7 years old, there was a really realistic nightmare I was doing almost every nights. In that nightmare , at first I wake up in my bed ( I was always thinking I was waking up in real life but it was always just part of the nightmare ) and when I look at the window I see that it's dark outside and then a weird face apears in that window and I start to freak out. I try to get up to run to my mom bedroom but I can't. I'm * stuck * in my bed and then the darkness in my room starts becoming bright red and I see a giant shadow coming from the ceiling and that *shadow-monster* starts laughing really loudly. I want to yell but I can't. No sound comes out of my mouth. Then the shadow wraps me and it hurts so much that I wake up each time, fallen of my bed. When I switched home, that nightmare just stopped and now the only nightmares I do are not so scary and don't look real at all, well not like that specific dream. I started training on doing lucid dreaming and I would really love to see myself lucid dreaming in a realistic nightmare but this kind of nightmare never happens to me nowadays so if you know how to do them let me know please!

p.s: If my text isn't correctly constructed its normal because my primary language in french and otenglish :P thanks for listening


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I know this sounds quite pathetic but just literally tell them that they're ruining your dream and tell them to p*ss off.

My nightmare has a real demon . Every night my attacker comes and i'm raped and buggered .his face burnt in my mind his touch a maggot through my brain. Night after night i am my own living hell . Oh i've done drink ,drugs and overdosed twice, even the near death experieance can't stop my mine. How do i win , ? <br />
By waking or reaching daylight my fight to live is my weapon to strike back. Live i will freedom , no i have to go insane for that . X

Try and commit suicide in your dream and hopefully, you will wake up. That's what I do.