Im Use To It

I dont have them as often anymore but when I do have them they are bad. For example, when I was 9, I had a dream that I was running away from "Something" thru a grave yard and hands came out of one of the graves grabbing me. I tried to shake the hand off but more and more hands grabbed at my legs from the grave and began to pull me in. The dream was so intense that I would actually feel the heat from the flames further down the hole. My most resent Nightmare was me laying down in my bed while a demon had casted a curse on my body and It seemed so real. Everything in my room when i looked around was as it was when I was awake. My body felt like stone. I woke up, looked around and everything was fine, then i close my eyes back and It happins again... I was realy sleepy so everytime i woke up, i would close my eyes for a second and be sucked back into this realistic dream which actually kinda scared me only because I was sleepy. Now that i think back on it, its kinda funny.

Krie Krie
1 Response Jan 9, 2010

wow, i had a lot of those nightmares, like i am demon posessed, suffocated, unable to scream even for somebody to wake me up, Maybe u watching a lot of horror movies, or eating right before u go to bed...and yes everytime u close ur eyes, it happens again....that's natural because when u c a nightmare and u opened ur eyes for seconds, ur scared and troubled that when u go back to sleep it happens again. As I told u if u (like me) watch real horror movies, stop them for awhile and watch or think of something good, and don't eat right b4 u go to bed <br />
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Hope u happy dreams:)