Disaster Nightmares

I'm not sure if this is a group more intended to share individual nightmares or if it is to get comfort from the situation of constantly recurring nightmares.  Mine come in patches where for a while I don't dream/don't remember dreams and then I have rough patches of intense, screwed up nightmares that bug me during my waking hours and cloud my thinking with emotions that have bled into the real world.  They're mostly nightmares where I witness/perpetrate horrible acts of violence, or it's some kind of disaster.  I'm not sure if this is the kind of group that wants to talk about dream symbols in nightmares, etc like towers or disasters.

I had a very bad dream the other night involving the Burj Khalifa, which is now the tallest man-made building in the world.  I was in the upper floors with a reporter.  There were some American construction workers (in the middle east...doesn't make any sense, but ok)  working on the steel supports for a massive spire-type structure on the upper floor.  One of the construction workers was hanging from some kind of rope nearby working on the some of the beams.  He'd paused for a moment and I casually looked up at him and said "Hey, how's the work going?"  He said, "It's going fine, except for these damn things twisting."  And he pointed at some steel supports that were bending in a helix-type fashion. 

The reporter and I both looked at each other and we instantly knew what those twisted supports meant.  They were something vital.  And their twisting meant that something in the building was seriously unstable and it was dangerous for us to even be standing there.  My stomach dropped and I felt sick.  I said, "Thank you, we'll be moving on now," and the reporter and I quickly walked to the elevator.  We took the elevator down and it felt insanely fast  --  like falling but slower.  The elevator lurched to a stop on the 6th floor and we pulled the doors open, got out and ran down the stairs. 

I got down to the bottom floor and ran out into the plaza, thanking God and hardly believing that I had escaped.  But I knew that if something was going to come down, I was not out of the woods yet.  I kept running.  I told everyone I met along the way, "Please, please, don't go that way.  Go another way.  Something is going to happen."  But they either didn't hear me, didn't understand what I was saying, or laughed at me. 

I got a safe distance from the building and stopped at a roadside stand and bought falafels and gave them to passersby, telling them not to go that way, sort of like a bribe, but it didn't work.  I looked back at the Burj and I could see the top quarter of it leaning and swaying now.  The spire and some of the floors below it broke off and fell to the ground.  There was a terrific crash and screams and the dust came up.  Where I was standing there were trees that partially obscured the view.  (It doesn't make sense why there are trees that look like the succulent/evergreen looking type trees that grow in Texas out in Dubai.)  I could not see the carnage on the ground... it was more heard and felt than seen.

In a flash I was in a restaurant eating some kind of seafood and chicken in a spicy creamy sauce and someone came to question me about what happened to the Burj, and then I woke up.  My heart was pounding a mile a minute.

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Thanks for sharing :) You seem to be able to remember really clearly of your dreams. Mines are almost all fuzzy and weird...