Master instructed me to get my nipples pierced as a sign of my submission to Him. This had been discussed for awhile and Master had permitted the piercing to be undertaken at the two-year mark of His ownership of me.

Today I had my nipples pierced. Before I left to go and have it done, Master instructed me to mark my breasts in pink pen “anal *****” as a punishment for an incomplete task. I was concerned about this as I was about to walk into a tattoo/piercing studio, most of which are owned/run by bikies (at least they are in my city). But when I looked at the staff page on the studio website, it consisted of women only, and so I was relieved. There would be humiliation in having the piercer see my markings, but less humiliation than were it a man.

I travelled to the studio location in the western part of my city, which is traditionally poorer and rougher. I was being cheap. Piercing two nipples was more cost effective here. I was dressed in tailored pants, a shirt and heels. When I entered there were others in the waiting lounge: a man in a singlet and shorts and a teenage couple. I looked well out of place.

A tattooed and bearded man in a singlet came out. He asked what he could do for me. I responded that I was here “for piercing”. With no drop in volume he asked what he was piercing. I murmured, “nipples” and felt myself blush. He responded positively and said he’d just go and get everything ready.

I sat behind the others in the waiting room, relieved to be out of their gaze. Then the tattooed man gestured for me to come down the hallway. He was the piercer and his name was Mitch. I groaned inside; a big, boofy tattooed man. Where were the women?
I decided to tackle my humiliation front on. Mitch had already acknowledged that I seemed a bit nervous. “I’m here on instruction. And I just need to let you know that I have writing on my breasts. It’s a punishment, designed to humiliate me, which is working, but if you would ignore the writing, I’d really appreciate it.” Mitch was cool. Said he’d been piercing at Sexpo for years and had seen everything anyway. He told me to remove my shirt and bra so that he could mark my nipples where the needle would enter.

I removed my top and bra and looked away as Mitch marked my nipples. Then he was chuckling. He turned around to his equipment and I could hear him say, “Awesome.”
I laughed and told him that I was glad he liked it. He said that he had been expected some big bad tattoo work, not the fluro pink texta writing. He asked me who did it. I explained that my Master was punishing me and that this was my humiliation. And it was humiliating!

He had me check his marks in the mirror and then I was asked to sit, whilst he did the piercing. He said he’d pierce both breasts first and then put the small bars in. I breathed in and exhaled and my left breast was pierced. It was fine. Mitch said, making reference to the word on each breast: “ That’s “*****” done. Now on to “anal”.” We both laughed.
“ That’s obviously the most important one,” I chuckled.

“It will hurt a bit,” Mitch said ironically and with a wink.

“I’m used to it.” We both laughed.

When the piercings were done and the bars inserted and finished with the ball ends, it felt like I was wearing light nipple clamps, something that I enjoyed anyway.

I looked in the mirror and was pleased with the job. We discussed caring for my piercings and Mitch thanked me for making his day. He thought the whole thing was hilarious – which it was! It was also the perfect distraction from the more intense part of the process.

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They look so much better after piercing. You should thank your master for allowing you the pain to make you better for his use.

Nice! Many of my friends got our nipples pierced several years ago just because we wanted to decorate ourselves. It will probably take 2 years for the holes to fully heal. I suggest ordering some soft tissue antibiotic such as Doxycycline for when they get infected. That is common during the healing. Carpe Diem!