There are so many little children out there who are hungry for someone, anyone to be nice to them.  If you have no children, you can still have children.  Volunteer - at the church, at the orphanage, a school, at an agency that takes care of children.  Go play with them, read to them, teach them.  If you do that they will all be yours.  There are programs for young and old to volunteer.  A local assisted living facility which cares for people from 66 through 100 (yes she is 100 this year) is always grateful for people to volunteer.  Sometimes those people are little kids - they do wonders for the old folks and the old folks do wonders for the kids.  These old folks have many stories about when they were young and helped raise all the kids in their neighborhood.  Go there and talk to them, then go out and volunteer to help kids somewhere.  You will always be glad you did.

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I've never seen any of you guys, but I can tell you are beautiful people. Thanks

i volunteer for a youth group for developmentally disabled kids. talk about rewarding. i have fallen in love with a little girl who has autism. although it does break my heart sometimes. i cant help it. and every once in a while i bring one of my frenchies to the assisted living facility down the street. i can only go to 5 rooms though.

This is very true. Having children is a privilege but looking after those that are not your own is a true gift. What better way to validate our own existence than to give freely of our time to those who may need it?