Would Love To Have A Little Girl.

All through my life I have been not sure if I wanted kids. Growing up In A big family kinda poor dysfunctional type. Over the years hearing how well I am with them and the idea growing on me . I have finally gotten the desire to create life that is a part of me. None to my name.. Good thing is not stuck with my bad taste in females for a mother. At this age in my life findding a single woman close to my age that's not married or tied down to other people ( exs or baby's daddy, not kids) to have a life with me. My family is very large Nd spread across the USA, so the family name is safe. I have had 5 failed pregnancies that I know of . So there I shared a little about me my first day on here.
inoduh inoduh
31-35, M
Dec 10, 2010