I Have Never Craved Children

I am 39 and have never craved children enough to be willing to give up my freedom.
During my 20's I found there to be something far more interesting to be doing other than having a baby and making a huge sacrafice which would have a large impact on my life and limit my free time. I am an only child and we have never had many children in our family so I am used to having peace and quiet although i always had friends around. During my thirties i have become settled in my ways and feel happy with the way in which I want to create a lifestyle which will work for myself and my partner. I have changes to make within my life i.e changing my career and my partner and I are currently working towards being able to purchase a slightly bigger house which will enable us to entertain friends and do the normal everyday things and have enough space to live together without feeling on top of one another (we currently live in a tiny one bedroom house). What I am trying to say is I crave a larger home and a dog.
All my friends either have children or are having them but i have never had a burning desire to go down the same road, and it does have to be a burning desire doesn't it?! or do some people do it because it's what others do??? My partner has a daughter of 18 and would be willing to have another if I wanted it but happy not to also.
I am of the opinion it is up to the individual on their life choices. I would never inflict my views on my friends unless they asked for my opinion. Having said that i am starting to question why my views are in the minority.
I don't wish to give up the next 18 years of my life for another being. Some will find this selfish but if I feel that way isin't it just sensible not to have a child. I have never been drawn to babies/children. I don't deslike them but have never felt interested in them like other women seem to be. Other women will crowd around a baby and feel drawn to it. I feel the same way about K9's!
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I would love to have children. I crave for a gift that I can carry inside me for 9 months. I'm in the wrong group. How can I unsubscribe the email list.

Bless all you ladies!

I am just about to turn 27 years old. I feel the same way.

I am kind of a "late bloomer" it seems when it comes to most things in life. I have just started school, persuing a degree, which most people my age have finished doing a few years ago. I have a great boyfriend but don't really crave a big wedding like most women do. He is willing to have kids, but admitted that he went his whole life not wanting any of his own. I am also not drawn to kids or babies like other women are. I am however, very drawn to puppies and dogs, just as you are.

I always feel it's just the way of life, that you have to have children. That you will have one at some point whether it is planned or not. At this point where everyone else around me at my age are having or have already had children, I feel that I have not experiened all that I have wanted to yet. I had big dreams of traveling and doing this and that while I am still young. By the time I'll be ready, if I ever am, it will be too late!

As I have grown older I have thought similar to you, will it be too late? will I regret it in later life? but I keep coming back to the same question which is, I really don't yearn it enough to want to change my life so much.