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At 27 years old I have no children nor do I plan to have any.  People ask me all the time why I won't have children and I can't help but answer "because I want!"  Might sound stupid but I'm the type of person who wants a lot of things up to and including lots of money and trips and fancy cars.  I'm not willing to share my hard earned money and time on something that does not directly benefit my bottom line.  I don't have children nor will I ever have children because they are loud, they are needy, and they are expensive.  I choose to be with my partner caring for each other, without any other children outside of the ones he already had.  having a tubal was the best thing I ever did and thus far the happiest day of my life :)  


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1 Response Apr 19, 2010

Children are all of those things. I have a child, whom I am most proud of, from a previous marriage. After several years I remarried and while we have flirted with the idea, my wife, who is younger, and I have decided that we don't want any kids. I think we just have way too much fun together to risk changing what we have.<br />
So, I am right there with you! :)