Girl That Shattered My World

I have good friends but no friends that i can share my feeligns with. Basically i dated this girl for a little over a year. I was heavily invested in our relationship emotionally. I love her and her family and i still do. I dont have a father but her father treated me liek a son. My mother works all the time so i dont have many fam,ily experiences. With her and her family i shared family dinners and family outings and i truly love her and her family. Then she broke up with me and shattered my world. She told me she never loved me and only went out with me for so long because she thought she loved me and when she realized she didnt love me she felt bad cause i loved her so much. And sh ealso told me all the while she was in love with her ex. I dont wanna get back with her i just wanna move on and not think about her as the girl i love. I just want her to be happy ik ill love her forever not neccesarily always be "in love" with her but i'll always have a soft spot for her. but i also know were not meant to be with each other i just wanna get her outta my head. I used to wish her life would sjust fall apart and she wouild feel pain liek i did but her ex that she loved for 5 years screwed her over and i felt bad for her i want her to have a wonderful life but im starting to realize i need to be out of it cause i want her to be happy but i cant deal knowing everything about her. Im pretty much emotionally unstable because of her but nobody realizes what she did to me cause i guess i do a good job of hiding it. i just wanna be loved. ****. I mean im a pretty well off kid i have friends and im pretty well known not a loser i got a job a car blah blah.., ik this isnt going to ruin my life it just sucks alot its been over a year and i still have alot of feeligns for her. and i just wanted to share cause well i have nobody thats close enough fo rme to just tell everythng so who better than strangers! =]
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just be happy that she after all chose to be honest with you.. you're still very young, go explore the world! ^^,<br />
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