Why No, Actually I Do Know ...

Why no, Actually I do know how to tie a tie!

Would that be around your wrists ankles or?? Winsor, Square knot...

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tee hee :-)

For ankles, and wrists, simple securely-locking cuffs are best. (Well, I'm a Top: What else would I think?) <br />
<br />
For neck-ties, though... I need to learn to tie a Windsor (I believe) knot. I just got a tie for My nice leather shirt, and... <br />
I somehow made it to age fifty-seven having never worn a tie. My usual clothes tends to be jeans, modified to fit My two and one-half inch wide belt. "Dress-up" is foreign to Me! <br />
<br />
Generally speaking, self-bondage is a bad idea. Many people die from that, but the 'powers that be' always list the cause of death as something else. <br />
Mister S has a new "ice lock", which stays "locked" until the ice in it melts. This is not a cure for stupidity or disasters, though!

That is my only problem with bondage games. I have pictured myself all tied up and a big earthquake, tornado, flood, volcanic eruption or whatever tragedy and not being able to get out of it. There needs to be a knot invented for that!

Just don't do a LOGGER'S Knot... around any body part!! One yank, and that baby tightens up with no sympathy of letting go!! You could amputate body parts that way! lol.

And suddenly - the story takes on new meaning! I like those velvet ties myself, the ones that close with velcro and have gorgeous embroidered flowers on them in aqua and pink with a little greenery thrown in.