I'm a Leaf On the Wind... Watch Me Crash and Burn

Whatever happened to careful planning for the future.

All my plans have fallen through and I feel totally dissatisfied with where I am.  I feel as though I'm being blown around like a leaf on the wind, unable to control even the smallest element of my life.

so I guess, whenever the wind decides to let me, I won't die, just crash and burn.
aldricravensfog aldricravensfog
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2007

We're all in this together. It doesn't matter what time, day, or area of the universe we're in. What happens to one living creature affects us all. The energy that passes through us is merely borrowed time, and memories. That which we think, and believe in, is all our own and for each other. If we'd just take the time to react on the message, before it leaves us (at the speed of light), then we've taken ourselves to new heights. If we ignore the message, then we've allowed it to move to the next living creature. <br />
Always be optimistic about your failures. If one has failed at something, and is living anothe day to talk about it, then it's an opportunity to start over while experiencing the drive to succeed.