Spanked And Hand Cuffed

boy I must have been a fool of some kind or having the word fool written in sharpie written on my forehead . well this was some time back i was about 37 years old and i was dating this old fool he was 55 .lord dont know what he saw in me but being his daughter or something . well any way he talked me into putting cuffs on doing a privet moment, well I didnt follow that little Jimmy Cricket voice in the back of my head , good old Jimmy Cricket said dont do it fool! dont do it . well i let his guy cuff me well i wont bore with the details but it didnt end well for me he wouldnt uncuff me from the bed . I had classes the next day . I was so miffed off at him . so finly he uncuffed me . and I learned while cuffed he wanted to spank me so my feet wasnt cuffed and old fool got busted in the mouth with my feet i kicked him right in the mouth . I told him I would get him back and i did . he was always wanting me to make fudge so he got my special fudge with ex lax in the fudge . I aked him why the cuffs and spanking ? he said he got off on it . freaks they are crazy wanting to spank you . well old fool got lefted .
lunnas lunnas
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

I just dont get it some people into pain nope not me . dont even try to smack me on the but you might get it back only harder . then i would say now hows that working for ya lover boy? and my nails I can rip your back up like a tiger got ahold of you. ive done too lol. i dont think pain and blood = good time in the rack . lol