My Family Disowned Me And Im An 18 Year Old Girl Living Alone In An Area I Dont Kow Without Any Friends

it all started when i was 13. my dad found a new girlfiend. after two weeks of knowing her, he invited her to live in our family home with her 4 children. because it was only a three bedroom house and my dad already had me and my three real sisters, we were forced out of our bedrooms to sleep downstairs on couches, floor with blankets etc. at first, she was nice to me. but when i was 14, she changed. she use to tell my dad i had hit her or spoken to her disrespectfully, which was untrue,  and then smirk as i got hit for punishment. she used to say to me that my dad didnt love me now that he had her and her kids. it really upset me. i believe to this day that her and my dad were the cause for my mental helth issues, as i was being mentally and physically abused constantly. i get so nervous meeting people and i flinch when people go to touch me. i always get violent if i feel under threat, which was a natural reaction towards my family as i grew up, when i learned to fight back at the age of 16. one day, she grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the wall. i flipped, hit her across the face and bit her. she ran to my dad crying and saying i had been treating her like that for years. i was locked in my room for a whole day for that. a year later, my dad had a baby with her. this caused problems. i wasnt allowed to go near the baby as i wasnt pure blood. soon after, i was kicked out of my home and told that if i ever contact them again im dead. my dad and his girlfriend basically told me that they didnt want me now they have their OWN baby. so, wandering the streets with one bag, i slept rough for 2 weeks. i then got placed into a homeless shelter. i am now staying with a man who says he can make me happy, for things in return. i dont have friends, and im not allowed out of the house. so i just want to say,appreciate good famly if you have them, cos not everybody is a lucky to have that.

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I know how you feel I have the same **** you gone through or maybe even worse.
I use to ask myself why do I have this life with ****** parents well sometimes people are born with bad parents and you have to live with that but you are a adult so don't worry about it maybe you should put happiness in your life forget people who has been bad to you let them go don't think about them since I assure you they won't care for you either.
Start a new life and there is always time to meet new friends and start your own family if yours is bad that may can make it up. Sometimes it is painful to think about families who is ****** if so then forget you ever had them.

Wow... thats horrble sweet heart. I have no one either, and have done things with men for money a couple of times.. it is not a happy way to live... i have a home now, but still a lonely sad life.

Know that no situation has to be forever.... Why? Because all you need to do is reach out and decide. By just speaking out is the 1st step... Next you cannot forget that ANYTHING is possible and especially where people in this world care. Maybe you haven't found them yet- or maybe its you who cares! Maybe you are so special and you just haven't been told that- TELL YOURSELF you care about you! You are strong and you control your desisions however big or small. Don't think about what you can't do- think what you can. Sometimes big life changes need to be made and it can seem impossible but you are not alone. Believe in you and don't stop till you get there. Remember! There is always room for change. Keep your eyes open, search high and low and know from others who have been there we have made it so you can too. Reach for the sky and Keep going! xx

Just remember that Jesus went out there by himself at age of 12 :) You can do it. You are strong and don`t let stress and life problems get to you. I feel you though I don`t have family either. My dad passed away since i was 13 and my mom started abusing us and hitting us I think she have mental issues we got kicked out of the house so many times but other family members try to put us back together but her abuse got really bad that she won`t feed us for days and hit us constantly we end up me and mt sisters and brothers leaving the house and here we are still living and strong. Try to go to school and ask the closest church to u to help you out. Good luck sweetheart!

Im a 48 year old woman in UK with no family & would also be interested in any support groups for this situation

I was wondering if anyone is aware of any kind of support group for people with no family? I'd love to meet people in a similar situation!

Is there a support group or groups for people with no living relatives? An akward question I just had to ask

I have no family and have been looking for the same kind of group. I'd love to talk with you sometime!

I hope you find help, I wish you well. I pray for you. I would help you.

Awh, my heart goes out to you. You don't need to be in that situation your in now. Please know you can make it on your own, and people don't need to use you. That will not help your self esteem. I was weird in high school cause I would flinch and could never allow myself to get close to people. I am now 25 and enrolled in college so you can have goals and dreams like everyone else. Tomorrow will be a new day, and I know the hard part is getting to tomorrow but please know there is still time to make you happy, cause that is all that matters. HUGS

I've been in her situation since the age of 16, the situation she is in ruined my entire life. Reality is very hard to come to terms with, but the facts are the facts, and there is no sugarcoating it. To sugarcoat what she is going through is not going to do her any good. UNFORTUNATELY, VERY UNFAIR AND UNFORTUNATELY YOUR PRESENT DETERMINS YOUR FUTURE, WHEN YOU HAVE A BAD START IN LIFE HOW HOW, CAN YOU POSSIBLY CARE FOR YOUR SELF AT SUCH A VERY YOUNG AGE, GO TO SCHOOL AND MAKE A GOOD FUTURE. Then there is the issue of not being in the mainstream of life. Mainstream, those teenage years of going to high school as a normal teenager or collage as a young adult, making friends you keep in touch with for life is not going to happen when your out on your own so very young. I'm 47 years old now, I see people I went to school with in elementary school on facebook, and I look at their pictures and see their friends lists, they all remember me but I never had the chance to go through high school with them hang out, do the normal things a teenager and young adult does, so therefore now I have no friends. I married someone, that was from the click I should have grew up with, just by a fluke, it lasted till just 3 yrs ago. But his father bought a house, he abused me I was in a dv shelter with my 2 kids, I went back to him, I'm out his father owned the house I went back, even though by law I had the right to stay his father and family did not want me there, bc I pressed charges against my husband. So my next mistake in life was who I married, then giving up the apt I finally had, the only security I ever knew, to move onto his families turf. Yes private house swimming pool, but I was abused, next mistake taking the kids from the dv shelter and going back, now now I'm really in the worst shape of my life bc once bringing the kids back he has physical custody, they didn't want to leave, I'm still in court 2 and a half yrs. I'm on assistance since the age of 21, struggling to make ends meet, working doing phone sales on the side to make the rent. Now I have assistance for victims of dv, but I don't have my kids, they are my only family. In short if I could go back what I would have done at 16, being a throw away was go to the police and tell them, I had no where to go, my mother didnt want me bc she had a boyfriend, she would have been arrested for child abandonment and I would have been placed either with a relative, and if I would have done that one of my aunts would have probably taken me. Or worst I would have been placed with a foster family, but that is better than being on your own at age 16. She is still young enough to get help, I suggest you call 311 while you are at this persons house, explain your situation there are pleanty of resources, not the luxury you or anyone would choose, but better than the alternative of what your going through now, and you will therefore have a better future by getting help now, this isnt your fault its the unfortunate situation you were born into. Get help now, then you will be able to go to get your ged if you don't have it, then apply for community college you'll b elegible for financial aid, but do it now while your 18, don't wait.

When people who gone through so many unpleasant times they tend to be real strong and you are unstoppable so I am that type of person I fear nothing since I gone through if not worse than these situations and all I can say is if you are down you have to help yourself since in this world don't wait for somebody out there to help cause there ain't unless you help yourself first!

Please don't give up. As you can see, there are others here to help you. Feel free to message me as I would love to offer support as well.

Where do you live? Wherever, I am praying for and sending you Reiki for Healing

What part of the country do you live in?

my dad and mom doesn't care about me. i too have been abused in all forms. I live in India. i have survived years, starving, sometimes on just a few slices of bread and water..... I consider God(if it exists) my enemy, .. i live for people who are like me. i want to talk to you.

GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION. You can do it. You are so strong, get some help. Take care.

I am truly sorry, you are worth love just like anyone else. I don't have family anymore since my mom died. my Girlfriend left me and I am so scared of being alone. I have Love for you please contact me if you wish.