It Sucks

We have been "banned" from seeing any other relatives, thus this leaves me with no family apart from my mum who i hate and this kinda sucks. Im at that time in my life where i NEED a big family.
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

the idea of getting married is fine with me if i meet the right guy but having kids terrifies me. For me i feel they will be like baggage i have to deal with and will slow me down from excelling in my carrier life. I will have like 1 kid when i feel financially secure and comfortable since i too have zero family support and every decision i make i have to be responsible and can handle.

the person who asked you" why is that" is asking a ridiculous question. we are social beings and want to be around others. so of course you would want a large family. i want one too. and it is very hard when you reach a certain age for people to include you in their family. i am in that boat.

why is that?