I Wish I Had a Family

i grew  up in foster care my kids don't have grandparents, aunts,uncles,cousins ect... it's sad
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Same here. I am a mom as well and see how the lack of family and even father figure.affects my son. All you can do is the best you can with what you have. Play a bad hand of cards, well.

My wife has no living relatives, lived for years with in-laws of her late husband, and it was very hard on her. I have one brother who is quite distant, has a son who has a family but I never get to see them. But my wife and I make up a very solid and positive family, and we have a few close friends that mean a lot.

I completely relate to you! I grew up in foster care. I have no blood relatives, might be the reason I'm so isolated! No one is there for me, I have issues with girls cuz I can't relate it's terrible. Feel free to message me.

I have no family as well. I was married at onetime and had a daughter that died of a rare heart defect, today would have been her 22nd birthday. Its hard for people to understand unless they have experienced having no loved ones or real support in their lives. I am pursuing my counseling degree so that I can empower others who are without support. I have leaned on my faith to get me through. I am including you in my prayers. Hang in there you are loved.

You are reminded who you are when you look into the eyes of people who love you. You are able to observe them live, watch their habits, acquire them as your own. Life skills are learned this way. I understand. I have no family and grew up without relatives around me. It was very difficult and still is. Though families can quarrel, they tend to circle the wagons when a common enemy arrives.

I'm trapped in a bad marriage, as I am too scared to leave because my family have all died or live in other countries. My best friend died of swine flu and my other best friend, having lived at the other end of the country, just got a job in Singapore. Sometimes i just get so lonely. If only i knew others in the same situation. But I do have my wonderful daughter, I just wish I had someone there to support me' and help with the childcare if I got stuck at work...

I think it's important for those of us who don't have a real family to support one another and be as family to each other. I don't really have family either, and it really gets me down. I feel trapped in my life and the thought came to me recently that there had to be others like me and if people in the same situation came together, they could be family to one another.

i understand while i had a birth family that made it evry clear i was never wanted and even my sisters petonkey got better care then i did<br />
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the best day in my was the day my dad started to beat me after my best friends mother dropped me of<br />
that night grew to understand what love was and a few days later moved in withmy best friend parents wouldhave really freak to know she was really a girl<br />
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we were married age 13 out of ove we could never have kids she was killed a little after age 19 the day after i was reported KIA viet nam and her mother took her own life thinkingboththe kids she loved were gone<br />
<br />
in all the time we were a family we never once had a fight or even harsh words to another i loved her mother na dher grandapents oh so much<br />
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but they pasted away in 1973 my wife and mother died 1/14/1967

My family cosists of myself and my two daughters. We too have no family, no aunities, uncles, grandparents and it is very sad for us all. sometimes it does get me down having no one, however we have each other and thats what you have to keep in your head. Some people are totally alone. Life is hard for some of us.

Hi. I can understand that and it is probably true to some extent, however, although families can offer some benefits this is only if the relationships are good. More often than not in my experience, good relationships are part of a constructed romantic image of family and don't really exist in reality. Rather, I am inclined to perceive family and its relationships as a far more sinister than it is portrayed in society. This usually arises from ignorance by powerful family members who are not reflective, egalitarian or aware of others or their own role in leading and creating harmony through their words and actions. Also, this is made harder by societies which do not facilitate or value relationships above productivity, efficiency and accumulation. In my experience, blood is not thicker than water. Please see that you have an opportunity to avoid the detrimental effects of family. You can have quality, long lasting relationships with others in the community. You must have had at least a glimpse of that as a foster child, otherwise you would not have the love to be expressing your regret for your own kids. All I am saying is that this regret may be misplaced and prevent you from seeing even better opportunities that lay outside the mainstream.

So wise acsec, I have no close family members and when I hear about what happens with some people who do I feel blessed that I don't!