my family wants nothing to do with me, and its always been this way. i used to think if my own family cant love me why would anyone else,but i now know its their loss. but i do envy my fiance and friends seeing how close they are w their family. im dreading my own wedding cuz i dont have family to attend.
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I understand what you are saying, that it would be nice for the people, that from birth should always love you, to actually come through and love you even if it's just for one day. You are not alone, and like you and many others I have that same thought. The good news is you got out early. The not as good news, it's not bad news, is your family is most likely not going to change for the better, so no need to worry. Back to the good news. You have someone in your life that loves you so much that they are willing to commit to you; that is awesome! Having at least one person in your life that loves you is a really wonderful thing, and if you have friends that love you even better. It sounds like you just wanted a reminder that you are making the right choice, and you are. Congratulations on the up coming wedding.

thank you for the advice and yeah i think your right i just needed to hear from someone else.