When no one builds you up and only cuts you down, it's hard to feel confident. Sure, they say you can ignore people who put you down, but when it's your family, how do you ignore that? You have to get away from them. Family is not allowed to put family down. I've never had their support and never will. Family is a group of people I lived with for too long of a time and hated it. Family is a group of strangers who never got to know me and who never learned to love one another. So the hell with them.
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2 Responses Sep 3, 2015

It is hard to come to terms with it. I still struggle with it almost every day. I miss my mother and father, or rather, I miss who I thought they were. But things are better without them. Less judgement, less "you gotta do this", less disapproval of everything you do.

I think it's okay to be angry, hurt and sad, so long as you take care of yourself and are conscious of whether the anger is affecting other areas of your life.

Hope you have people around you that love you for you! Congrats on being bold enough to realize **** wasn't working,

Wrong. You are looking at blood relatives as family.
Family are people who lift you up, help to guide you, encourage you, even support eachother in good & bad times. Family has nothing to do with blood relatives, so choose your family wisely.
Sincerely George