I am from a dysfunctional family. Yes I cant get away from the scars. I spend most of my adult life on active duty in the Army. I put all my energy into mother hood and career. I was a single parent and a enlisted soldier. I gave 100% to both. My daughter in her teenage years battled me as I made my way into the civilian world. I had been working so hard to be above average on what I saw as the important stuff I neglected friendships and socialization skills. So now my kid who is 31 did well and we have not spoken in 5 years. She is financially abusive so I distance myself. I have been a nursing professional for 6 years. I am so alone. I moved from a northern state to a beach front condo south and I am still alone. I cant seem to click with anyone. It has been one year and the few friends that I met have kids and grand kids. They are preoccupied. They don't seem willing to let me in. Then there are the people who take advantage of me. I avoid them. I have looked for groups in my area but nothing good. I like to work. co/workers are great to work with but not a good idea to hang with.. My days off are spent alone in my apt mostly. I am financially ok and sometimes I think I would be a great fit in a communal living situation. Not sure what the next move will be
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There are plenty of veteran organizations out there , make contact with the folks you served with .

Well I can relate, I have a similar situation and have only a few people in my life as well. What I have found helpful is to just keep trying. I have only a few close friends but that is all that I need in my life because they give me purpose that is more than just working. You have an opportunity ahead of you where in you can choose how to spend the many years you have left on this earth.

Take your child out to see the world, let them in on what you have done with your life. Maybe write a book. I have started writing and it helps me to find issues in the past and ways that I can solve them. At the very least I say go on an adventure, doesn't have to be far but get out of the apartment and explore, because there are many ways to find new things all over.

Hope this helps