I think this can be taken in many different ways. As I am very close to my immediate family - live just over from my nan and my mum also lives on the same street, so I see them pretty much everyday. But as for support? It depends.
Financial support, my nan is there to help me through anything. I'm always on top of my bills but she insists to take care of some for me because that's just how she is. Thanks to her I've been able to afford going to college and day trips out with Luca.
However, emotional support is at zero. My family just don't know how to communicate with eachother, it's so straining and annoying. I've learnt to deal with things myself, until one day I just explode and it all comes flooding out (which isn't the best idea anyway).
As for my education, they do not see the importance of it. My mum hasn't worked for years, however my nan and granddad both work very hard. None of them understand why I aspire to go to university, they possibly even look down on me for it. I was never praised for getting star of the week in school, but if I was a little naughty my mum would laugh about it. Ridiculous.
When I've passed university and have a stable job with decent income, I will owe it all to my nan and grandad, they are going to pay my accommodation deposit and help me whenever I need it (which id never ask anyway but it's a lovely thought) everyone else can get ******.
EverlyLeex EverlyLeex
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1 Response Jan 17, 2016

I'm so sorry to hear that you're immediate family aren't supportive and encouraging. Having said that, I'm glad that you have a nan and grandad who're willing to support you financially.

I pray and hope that things will change in your family, and that there'll be a healthy communication between each of of you. Thanks for sharing your story, EverlyLeex.