Bombarder built a family just for holding Father's money. She claims a husband should always put all his money in his wife's hands, but that doesn't mean she would use Father's money to maintain the whole family. She only buys food for herself and doesn't fix the broken house facility or buy furniture for the house or clean the house. Basically she just wants to get money for herself to use without dedication to any. She actually didn't like my father and didn't admit Father was her husband, but still always held Father's all money. She said she built the family just for formality.
Yet now she expects us to build our own families. How absurd! She herself built a scattered bondless family just for her purpose of building a nominal family. If one is not ready to be dedicated to a family, why bother to build a family? What's the meaning of building a nominal family? I'm not like her having too much time for building a nominal family.
Bombarder is basically an illiterate: she doesn't have even basic knowledge for anything, so she only has material needs so all she wants is money. She is an illiterate is because she is lazy to study and learn. Moreover, she also hates to do any labor work, so all she needs is a man who can persistently earn money for her and even helps her do house chore, especially cooking, which is her only unavoidable necessarity. Her building a family is just her excuse of getting such a man.
ExileMyself ExileMyself
31-35, F
Jan 29, 2016