We can do everything in life if we have family support in background.... Otherwise we failed to achieve the goal.....
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i dont either and im out of work

Positive words of encouragement is critical. I have learned to be selective with those around me, family or otherwise. If I feel worse after being around them, I just distance myself to love and protect myself. Friends are the family you get to choose.

Definitely we learn from situation.. If they are opposite we must make a distance.... I lost much of my time to learn this.But now dont trust on family or friends

There's always someone to trust but trust is earned over time.

Right, time is the best healer.. World is full of love n trust we must have potential to get them

Are you saying that if one doesn't have family support, they fail? Some people fail with family support as it depends on the individual. Conversely, some individuals succeed without it perhaps mainly because they only have themselves to depend on.

I think initially they failed because they are dependent on family emotions..... But when their hopes breaks number of time they come out that emotional border and work hard to stand theirself......

Sounds like this is called "taking responsibility" for one's actions or maturity.