I live in a foreign country. My father died 13 years ago. My mother is very sick. I must send money every month to her care giver in our home country. My brothers have completely washed their hands and do not help at all to take care of her.because of that I have cut ties with them. My mother's care givers are constantly trying to get more money from me knowing that they are my only choice to take care of my mother. I feel very different to people around. Nobody seems to have similar problems. I feel very lonely too. I have nobody on whom I can totally trust. The feeling of "getting home to people you love and love you unconditionally" is just a dream, a painful one. I am very sad. I am not sure who I am anymore.
Haidas Haidas
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

With caregivers like that. You should try to move your mom here