No More Dad???

well my story is kinda different, my dad died of an accdent when i was 5 n my sister was 7, till now the only memories i actually had of my dad is 2 meories other than that i dun remember anythin abt him like his voice, his strictness n his care. i only remember he watchin tv when cme hme frm cusions n sister have better memories of him. till now ilok a the ppl who have dads in their life n wat their fathers do i just wish i had my dad for a longer time like my sister or mum so i can noe more abt him. now i go to raletives place n they tell mysister she look n talk like my dad but no one tells me that, i looked through the album n realise my hand is like my dad's. but no one tells me more abt him when i ask they say wait i think includin my mum. now my mum seems like she forgot my dad but i no i havent n would nvr:)
taran07 taran07
Dec 8, 2012