I Dont Know What To Do

i never met my father, and feel like i never will. i was raised by my mom and never even knew my dads name. the only relative that is close to me on that side of the family is my grandfather, he got me a horse and brings us to the family parties. i want to ask him about my dad being that when i ask my mom i get the same story every time " we met at a bar, never got married, and i left him long before you were born." i feel so alone on fathers day, i celebrate it with my grandfather (my moms dad not my dads) but i remember when the kids at school told me how i was missing out and how they had so much fun with their dads. i at least wish i knew his name and i never talk to my mom about it because every time i even just THINK about it i begin to cry. i need help and don't think i can do this alone please help me.

pvdb123 pvdb123
13-15, F
Feb 18, 2010