I Died And Came Back

in april of 2009 i lost my sister. I have chronic hepatitis c and was on a drug called interferon which can cause psycotic and depressed behavior. on july 2 I walked out of my apartment and told my landlord I was driving to Gila Bend arizona to see my brother. I never made it. Two days later I awoke when a police officer found me in the middle of the summer desert without water, food, gas or cell phone.He asked me if I knew where I was and I told him walmart.Tthe paramedics were called and they examined me and told me i was having or had a stroke so they flew me by helicopter into Phoenix. I remember  being taken off the helicopter towards the Er then I passed out. I awoke in a place of blinding, loving light. I was moved along by people bathed in white light who asked me." Who have I loved in my life". I was in no pain I felt no fear.. I was bathed in a loving light and I could look up and see a tunnel of light. As I looked up I heard a voice of my dead sister saying that it was not my time to go and that I had something to do with my life. after that I awoke being put into a tube for a cat scan. Luckily I did not have a stroke. After that that i am no longer afraid to die. 
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I'm glad to hear that you love animals. There is a sight EP where you can meet more people who feels like you (us).
I lost my dog of 13 years and my cat of 16 years, during 2013. I'm very close to my animals, just like you. I'm sure you will be a wonderful vet!!
Presently we live on a earth that is not perfect, b/c of the sin. Jesus came to earth to pay for our sins and when Jesus comes back from Heaven everyone that believes in Him as the sole Saviour will go with him to Heaven. There we shall again see / meet our loved ones that believed in Jesus. That is for sure!!
I cannot tell about our wonderful and loveable animals, b/c they do not have a soul. Anyway, I believe that God in His great love will also reunite us with them, but with my limited knowledge of the Bible, I cannot say for sure.

thank you so much i appreciate that you took the time to respond im sorry for your dog and cat and i agree with you completely all i can do for her is take care of her puppies and any other animal in need i refuse to turn my head from those that are hungry or sick i have and still would give the last of my food or money to feed or help others so a little helpful advice is all i ask thank you so much i hope you have a wonderful day

"I cannot tell about our wonderful and loveable animals, b/c they do not have a soul."

You loved your cat and dog, but you think animals have no souls? God created animals. They DO have souls, just as we do. They go to heaven, and they will be there to greet you when it's your time to go. Accept that, and you will feel better about all living creatures, not just humans.

We all share this earth. We should respect all forms of life. Even insects have souls.

Thanks for your comment. I also believe that my pets will be waiting for me, but I don't know about the souls.
Why do you say that all animals have a soul?

When I died, 'just before I was told in my coscious spirit mind by whoever was escorting me once I was shot out of my body' 'that it need not be your time yet', I was being guided by a few of my beloved animals who had died years before me as well as my beloved beloved family and friends who had also died over the years before me, the DNA of thier love for me was pulling me through towards them,. From the very moment I re-entered my physical body I so much love not just towards people but to animals too, I nolonger treat them 'as things'.

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sorry for the grammer i was typing quickly....

i was hoping someone with more knowledge could help me i just turned 19 and am still figuring everything out, my dog died three days ago and it has torn me apart (i know it just a dog but my life evolves around animals and family) i have always been passionate and study to become a vet to helps those to cant help themselves they are like famly to me and i loved her with every ounce of my being felt her pain and happiness i just need to know is it possible for animals to move on with you so that i have hope one day she and i, as well as other pets and family will be reunited? i still sitting on the fence with religon but do believe in god. please help me with some peace of mind or at least a to accept.
thank you all,

When I was 17 I had an eating disorder and was very thin. I was in the hospital when my heart stopped, I felt my soul leave my body and traveled through a tunnel, I got to an open area and seen people and also my animals that had died they were all there to greet me. When I was better I started reading the Bible and it says with GOD all things are possible. So I hope this helps you.

So why did you wake up in the middle of the summer desert

13 years ago back when I was 8 I got Burkitts lymphoma.So every so often I would have to get a spinal tap and they would go just as planned. Except for this one time when they put me under I saw a carousel and I guy with a beard standing in an elevator with a bright light shining in it.Then I walked in the elevator and woke up.

I have never had a NDE, but I find you'r story very inspiring I have very close loved ones who have passed in my life and I miss them all very much but just wanted to let you know I loved reading you'r true life experiance Thank you posting it........Phillip Glenn Norman OK....

I agree, Phillip!

my experience was that i was about 30 foot away looking at the medics trying to get my vital signs working again there was a light ahead of me and behind me and below was the physical realm which gave me no thought

It's not necessary to think that you will love it when God comes back. You can be certain / sure, that you will love it, if the Lord Jesus is your saviour.

wow i love hearing ppl tell their life story on how it feels to pass on but get another change
of living. so now it gives me and thought on how it would be when u pass on
wow i think imma love that when god comes back

Oh, and I also have homicidal somnabulism. In other words I try to kill people in my sleep. Only for me, people tell me I'm like a ninja crossed with an animal. It often takes at least five people to hold me down.... I litterally weight 130... My subconscious mind has a will and an intellect of its own. I try to kill people while I am unconscious apparently usually with a knife or blade of some kind, and I growl and scream like I'm posessed, oh, and the whole time my eyes are closed, yet I pinpoint people's vital pioints even with my eyes closed. I even bite people... One time my friend said I caught a rabbit in my sleep and tore it open and drank its blood... I woke up with blood and fur all over me on a camping trip. All of this has been unofficially diagnosed by a doctor friend... So that I may carry on with my life without being committed or effected at work. ( where I often hear and see things that aren't there as well)

See my comment below at your first comment.
Best wishes!

With all due respect......YOU ARE FULL OF IT !

I do not get sick anymore... Ever.. I drink soo much I should have killed most of my guts, but I don't even have a hang over. I drink a 30 pack and half of another one normally in a day. I spent three days in a random coma going between heaven and hell. I've been hit by cars twice and both times did a flip and landed on my feet. I smacked my head on the cement so bard one time I felt my brain hit the side of my skull. I bled from my tear ducts, my nose, and my right ear for a month and ten days and never went to the hospital. I break bones and it doesn't hurt... It just heals.. I've been shot once, stabbed twice. Severed three arteries in a window, bit my tongue off. And even ate until if felt food in my throat. I'm strong enough to out bunch 7 helps angels and lift a couch like a fork lift with boxes on it and carefully put it through a door. I can golf a golf ball all the way up a mountain. I even scared a Doberman away just by looking at it once. I have no fear of dying.. no fear of anything but headlights behind me. Not even my schizophrenia bothers me.

Read my comment at your first contribution, below.

I died... And came back... I took a whole box of Caffiene pills at once... I woke up on the floor alone with no friends, or family or hospital gear 6 hours later right where I fell when my heart should've exploded and didnt. And that's not the only time either... It's happened to me 4 times from different things. And twice when I should've been dead from loss of blood from my brain hemmoraging and shock from my guts spilling out.I've been to heaven and Hell and back. I remember them very clearly. Now, after all this happened I tried committing suicide twice. Once I was shocked in a bathtub for 8 minutes and the transformer blew outside the house cause I jumped the breaker before I did it. And second time I ran out in rush hour traffic on a free way with my eyes closed and when I opened them, there wasn't a car in sight for miles. Now, I am a manic schizophrenic who sees things and hears things that aren't there... I have no emeotions because I can't process them.. I have no friends because my best friends are the dark in a ba<x>sement and the man watching me in the woods. I have premonitions and random people come up go me in trances and tell me "they" have plans for me." The doors on my house bash and shake and someone outside is screaming let me in, but there's noone there and its suddenly quiet. I write music most of the time. I don't smile or laugh unless its fake because I find nothing amusing anymore. Thats what this **** does to you... Thankyou. And god keeps sending me back to this Hell cause the other one doesn't want me anymore.

God does not send you to hell.
God shows you he knows you and He LOVES you, in-spite of what you feel. He is keeping you alive so that you can use that time to except His love. Then except Christ Jesus as your Savior. The Lord has definitely a work for you here on earth, despite your schizophrenie. Schizophrenia, is when some of your braincells died ~ there is medicine that can prevent it from happening further.
I prayed for you. Christian love.

No matter if some people try to explain the Lord out of these experiences, we other and God knows better.

An hour before my Great Grandmother died she constantly was telling me and my family members to say Hello to asorted dead members of our family, and she told us of a white light growing brighter.

I have watched two loved ones 'look intently at something l could not see and then 'talk' to their dead loved ones!' immediately before dying themselves and l did actually die myself and was shocked to discover 'it is only the physical body that dies we actually stay the same but are different and we go into a different form of living! animals too. So l have more respect and kindness towards people and animals now and l realise we are all here to learn from our physical life.

I appreciate your contribution!

I myself have never had a near death experience but it was on Christmas day, some time ago when Myself, and my whole family were talking about my Grandpa that has passed, it was a little over a year that Holiday. We were just talking about old times, we had an entertainment center with a stereo system on it and we soon as we mentioned how we wished me could celebrate the holidays one last time with us the Radio suddenly jolted on, and we had some candles lite and the flame started flickering as if someone was blowing on them. That feeling gave me tremendous enjoy, because in my heart I know the Lord let him just come down and let us know he is watching :) God bless everyone that has someone that has passed on and the greatest of seeing the heavens before it was their time! =)

Thanks for this wonderful account.

Pam726 I'm sorry to hear about all that but it was not a religious experience. It happens when the oxygen is cut off from your brain. You Loos feeling. And loose thought of what can more do you care. And the lights are once again from lack of oxygen causing foggy bright vishuals. And the voice is from what I just call a dream. You have a clip go through your head the few seconds your out.it can be religious, a memory, a random thought or anything really

Hi cody07000. I have had experiences of being outside my body and of floating, when l was young, it was not known at the time that l was 'a silent asthmatic or that l was anaemic, having said that at the age of 49 l actually died, it was an experience that has changed my life because l discovered so much that proved it is only the physical us that dies. I am no longer religious as l was before the experience but l am now more spiritual. My experience has gone on to bring other startling helpful loving experiences from spirit including telepathic guidance and a few brief sightings of dead loved ones including a dead pet l had forgotten about , each time they 'faded away' but left me feeling so loved.

What a wonderful testimony of Jesus (the Light) being with you.<br />
He was keeping you alive. I'm sure He still have work for you to do on earth. Use your life here to be a witness for Christ.<br />
Christian love!

I have a story, mine is not the average I guess but im willing to share.<br />
I had a very abusive boyfriend and was actually trying to end the relationship with him, because i had just got home from the hospital for having meningitis which I later found out can be caused from blunt force trauma, needless to say he spent about 4 hours straight kicking me in the head and punching me like a punching bad, I had 2 black eyes. When I was in the hospital I was actually very happy to be there to be away from him. the Dr. said had i not went in that day I would have died, so when I get home I have had enough and was willing to die as long as I didnt have to be with him any longer I was willing to die. I hated him for being so cruel to me, so thats when it happened I told him it was over and before I knew it he had both hands around my neck and was griping with everything inside him. I tried terribly to get a breath of air but I couldnt, the worst feeling I can describe wanting to breath and cant I began to panic and tried to scratch his eyes out, I just wanted a breath of air, when all of a sudden, air didnt matter and I began to fade away into this warm bright light. the light was so bright and comforting I wanted to stay forever the light didn't hurt my eyes but it was all you could see was the brightness of the light and you can feel your floating or rising in the light, when all of a sudden as if someone pressed rewind i was sucked down out the light and back into my body when I woke it was him smacking and me taking a breath, but I didn't feel the smack it was like in slow motion, I took the deepest breath ever and began coughing, my face and shirt was wet, I asked what was going on I couldn't really remember everything. he just keep saying omg im sorry see what you made me do, he said I was out cold for 3 min and was not breathing and he thought he killed me so he was trying to wake me up by pouring water on me and spacking me. I did end up leaving him, and now i'm not afraid to die because what ever you are suffering from it stops when the white light comes and its beautiful:)

I'm glad you got away from him, and hope you realize this is not acceptable behavior from someone that supposedly loves you...been there.

Hi pam726, like imathinkin, l'm so glad you managed to get out of your relationship with that man. l can however agree with your experience of going into the light. I certainly no longer fear dying my death experience was incredible and wonderful , l did not want to come back but at least l now know this physical life is Not all there is. Take care.

I agree!

I so believe there is a God & he has made a home for us,how wonderful to die.

Thanks both of you, for your lovely contributions = testimonies!<br />
Jilly, an extra thanks for reminding us that if we do not are in the arms of Jesus the Lord, our eternal live will be hell.

I would have agreed with your statement 2doerver before l actually died, but my experience was that the hell after death is the result we each suffer within ourselves, within our spirit higher self after physical death, weather we have heard of Jesus in this life or not. I found love 'as Jesus tried to tell us without the elaborations and 'add on's of others', is a huge powerful force after death it is like a magnet that takes us right to those that love us, then the process of our soul conscious, our soul quality comes into play for soul learning, we all make mistakes here in a physical life, that is it's purpose, though I would not want to have gone down the road of great evil here as every action and thought will be processed and brought to account, for it's purpose of soul lessons in spirit. Karma like air is invisible but weather in this life or in the spirit life it will have it's way. But l have found great love since my experience. We are all at a different part of our journey on life's lessons, the hardest bit is to stay nonjudgemental because everything has a lesson, weather we are victims or perpetrator's, though unconditional Love will 'never' be a perpetrator of harm, in thought or deed, 'the thought comes before the deed'. This life is not easy in that respect, we have to be vigilant in thought to allow love for our fellow human and animal to be foremost in our lives.

Thanks ~ I understand and respects your view.

Blessings. <br />
A few days before my Mother died, she kept tossing and turning. I visited her at the hospital each day during my lunch break. One day she looked toward the door and began to smile. I looked and there was nothing there. She talked to the 'air' about 15 minutes, asking and answering questions. Then she said,'bye' to whatever it was and lay back peacefully.<br />
<br />
I asked her if she was talking to herself. She said 'No." Then she said,"Didn't you see Rev.---------? I told her no, because he was dead. She answered that he certainly was not! She said he told her God sent him to tell her that she did not have to be afraid- to come home and get her rest. He said people who belong to God have nothing to fear. She was not afraid anymore. Mom started making plans on a note pad just like she was planning a trip to Hiawaii or somewhere. She told me that she was leaving Friday afternoon of the next day. <br />
<br />
The next day sure enough, I was called from my job around 1pm. I went to my Mother and she said, "Hurrey up and pray because I gotta go soon! " I sat beside her and told her how much we loved her, what a wonderful mother she had been to her children. Then I read the 23rd Psalm and she died with a smile on her face.<br />
Death is only fearful to those who have no death assurance. To enter the spirit world unprepared is a horrendous, frightening, and unbeileviably cruel experience. The spirit and soul is eternal. Wherever you are trapped is where you will remain throughout eternity.

Wonderful experience ,though when l actually died! l was totally 'unprepared' indeed l had not wanted or expected to die! but it was the most wonderful experience that changed my whole life since l came back!. It was not what l expected to happen after death either.I discovered it is only a physical body that dies , the real me went on into a more real spirit life l did not want to leave!. You were very kind to your mother bless you.

Wonderful testimony. I agree.

I agree with you about the difference between a physical and spiritual body.