No Friends, Driving My Husband Away...

I'm 36 female married 4 kids. No friends. My husband tells me im boring him to death that I need a social life. I thought I was doing ok. Sure im quiet, like my privacy, enjoy staying home, don't like loud music or clubs. Despite all that i will go out with my husband, meet his work colleagues and friends, socialise well and engage in conversation. I get on well with most people I meet I just don't know how to take it to the next level, friendship. Can anyone help me? It's ruining my marriage. My husband feels he has to entertain me all the time and I suppose he does because I can't be bothered. I hate going out. I used to be full of confidence but my husband has helped me realize my confidence was misplaced and that i have less skills than I thought i had. I used to sing in a band, was a teacher, now I can't even imagine applying for a job anywhere my confidence is completely shattered . Just last night my husband said I that I'm pathetic, useless, good at nothing etc, etc. I would kill myself if I thought my kids wouldn't be hurt by that. Please help
Malgray Malgray
May 13, 2012