The Devil Will One Day Show Its Tail

I'm a very smart girl, I'm nice, but at the same time i could be an amazing friend. I met my first "friend" in 1st grade. We played in the sandbox for the rest of the day. These days when she comes to my house she calls other people and texts other people at the same time ignoring me. Nowadays people just ignore me. I always have to sit alone everywhere. People just use me. Once a girl took my homework and started to copy from it, of course i took it away. Today my conclusion is that i always had friends but i didn't consider them friends. In fact they are my best friends. It's my mom, my dad, my sister, my grandparents, and all my pets: 4 cats, 3 dogs, 1 turtle, and a lot of rabbits which died, my last rabbit died a few days ago. But no matter what they will always be looking at me from the sky and sending me happiness and saying, "You are our best friend forever, never forget it." But I'm still hoping to find human friends that don't include my family. How don't people understand that if they would be friends with me they would have an amazing friend? But if you ever feel lonely think of your parents and sibling or even pets if you have. But if you have neither then remember that they are in god's hands and god will keep them safe. They will always follow you, and they will always love you more than anything. There is always a bright side.
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i am the same i have a lot of pets and family and they feel like they are my only freinds i understand u

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Nicely said, you're compassionate and sweet, I like that. :)