Drugs Really Do Change People

Ever since i started college all my friends have just disappeared
when I stopped smoking weed and paying for trips
they stopped acknowledging me now im that lame-o
all my classmates give me crap because i'm 18
so now i just feel lonely and finally realized I have no friends

Arios626 Arios626
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Those were not true friends, they were fair weather friends.

I have no friends either, because I stopped doing drugs and drinking. I'm only 21 and it sucks.

Well at least i found a cool pen pal lol


May i ask why are you so down on yourself?

I don't mean to be. My mood about myself sort of fluctuates.

Ah i get that my whole life revolves around peoples mood and expressions
but you seem really strong and cool dont be so hard on yourself

Thank you :)

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