I Have No Friends

im 16 years old and i don't have any friends. im homeschooled so its hard to meet people.  i have a wonderful boyfriend but he doesn't know my situation.  i lie and say im have friends and im out with friends when im not. i can't stand people feeling sorry for me i don't want him to feel bad for me.its easier for me that way. i have anxiety issues so its hard to be in very public situations. i don't know what to do, im depressed and its been this was for a long time. i hate my life

willieverbehappy willieverbehappy
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2 Responses Apr 27, 2009

First off all i want you to know that you are a wonderfull creature, and you don't have any reason ho hate you're life. Cause you are born for a reason. think about your boyfriend.. he is so lucky that he got you. And now we know about you.. stay strong sister.. and i will be your friend if you want to... I live far away, but the internet save me there... I have a MSN adress.. add me if you want to.. klaradikkedara@hotmail.com I'm a 16 year old girl.

I know the feeling =/ I was homeschooled myself, and while I had acquaintances through church and things like that, it wasn't the same - I didn't feel like I could be myself around them. Friends can be found, and I managed somehow, but thankfully there's the internet when in-person fails :)