Im A Wife???

ive been with my husband for 8 years married for 4 we have 1 child who is 5 ,we are looking after my brothers children to who are 2 and 3 at the minite... my husband isnt the sort of person who is loving or cuddly??? i dont have any friends and the friends i have had have stabbed me in the back,so i have not had a friend for a long time and i would like to have someone i can call a real gets pretty lonley when its just child conversation lol. I do volenteery work for my local pet shop and its lovley when im there because i get to talk to people all the time.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

I am in the same situation only I do not get out of the house. I have only one child who is 2. I am not married but have been with my childs dad for 41/2 years and it feels like there is no love left at all.