I Am Alone

I have no friends, I have gone through life with friends or people I thought were my friends but they turned out to be friends of convenience. They never invited me to do things or text me asking to hang out or just stop by, I had to be the one to ask if they wanted to do something and then finally they stopped returning my texts or said they were too busy to hang out and then later I would find out that my friends really were doing things together and they didn't want me involved. I talk to my parents almost everyday and even they just don't want to talk sometimes they have their own life and they don't want a needy young adult hanging on them anymore. Don't get me wrong my parents love me and would do just about anything for me but I cant just tell them I have no one and I am a sad depressed man. I have only had one serious relationship in my whole life and that lasted about 3 months, I am 27 years old. I have a job, I have my own apartment and still I cant even get women to talk to me let alone look at me. It always comes back to your a nice guy but I would never want to spend any time with you. I am a pathetic sad lonely man and its not a glamours existence, all my life I have just been that guy, someone would say who is that? and someone else would say that's just so and so he isn't anything to be concerned with, I have no siblings and I am just going to have to live with the fact that I am destined to be alone for the rest of my life.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Join the club mate! I am married happily- as you WILL be one day- but my best friend has 4 legs and a tail that wags. Most people in your life seem to come and go- harmony is hard to find. Superficial friendships that centre on negativity seem to flourish however!

i know exactly what you mean. i just graduated from high-school and all of my so called "friends" would NEVER invite me anywhere. they would go to the mall, the movies, everywhere with each other and not say a thing to me. my family's the same way ironically. they hate being around me, and hearing about my problems. every one goes out to the store or with friends,and im stuck in the stuffy greasy house all day long. i hate it so much, i swear i hate it.

hi hun if you need a friend i am here