Quit Drugs, And Lost All Of My Friends

I quit doing drugs, and now I have absolutely no friends. It hurts, because I know that I did the right thing, and yet the only thing thats come of it is my complete lack of friends. I hate my life.

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I just quit smoking and yea it sucks to find out your friends are fake but I'm happy I found out I made some new friends and I couldn't be happier my life is changing for the better since I quit and heck I can't even remember I wanted to smoke its a waste of time

hey guys. my friend just quit drugs..he was doing them for 3 years. and he keeps telling me how he's lost all his friends, because they still all do drugs. I'm still there for him, but he keeps trying to push me away, and I'm getting frustrated because he won't let me help him. I don't know what to do, because as much as he's telling me to leave him alone, I don't want to because I know how lonely he is. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have never done drugs, so I can't really see it from his perspective:(

After being off the drugs for the past 5 months. I too am in the exact same posistion. Lucky for me i am only 27 (28 in august)<br />
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I had a few real friends, however those real friends (inc the "druggie" friends) all have ties with each other. I told everyone of my druggie and real freinds to (scuse my french) to **** off in the end.<br />
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Recently just moved in to a new flat and am busy decorating that at the moment but believe me i know exactly what you are all going through.<br />
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I've weeped and have been down but know that i'm better off for it.<br />
Keep your head high my friend, you will survive the journey ahead of you!<br />
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I hope to god i see some of these so-called friends in a few years time.<br />
It'd be interesting to see how they have changed (if they ever do - which i doubt)<br />
I keep imagining how i'd feel if none of them had changed and there's me with a career in horticulture (maybe Botany) and doing damn well for myself and explaining to them te process i went through and then walking away with my middle finger high aimed at them thinking "YES - I did it!!"<br />
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In the process off coming off the drugs i also came out of the closet and lost the other so-called freinds, i now truely have no friends at all now.<br />
One part of me cares but the other parts thinks "sod them". i'm happy and contempt with who and what i am doing (just about)<br />
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All i want now is to have my flat decorated and a career in horticulture (maybe garden design or (as i pointed out earlier) Botany! And a cat named Jasper *giggles*<br />
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Good luck to all of you who have come off the drugs.<br />
The worst part for me so far was crashing back in to reality.<br />
At first when i became clean i was counting the months as they rolled by and then i just crashed and realised what a mess i was in. It's all about keeping ones self busy and focussed in the job in hand and that job is getting my life back in order. It will be the hardest thing i have ever done but dammit it'll be worth it!<br />
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Good luck and peace. <br />
Drugs changed be for the better and has opened my eyes up to the world around me.<br />
I WAS a drug addict, not addicted to any particular drug, just loved getting "off my face"<br />
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i got off drugs last year , i was on em with my bf, and my bestfriend & her bf & our other friend. we were like a family , everysingle day we were together, we understood each other, but what formed our friendship ? drugs. now i have no friends at all, i go to college, i see & speak to people there but when im alone and feel like calling someone up i dont know who to call, i dont speak to my bestfriend anymore ( had a falling out just wen i stopped the drugs) , i talk to the other friend that was in the group..once a month maybe...we all stopped drugs except my ex-bestfriend&her bf (who is a fucktard) its very depressing at time i just think FML but at least i have my bf.

they were no friends at all just users. I quit drugs last year and i lost all my friends, and i felt really upset, and i felt like i wasn't good enough for anyone to hang out with. It's not a good feeling to feel like that. I hope your doing ok now.

I am in the same situation you are in. My friends got real bad into drugs last year and since then it has consumed them like a cancer. They do nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, it got to where I had had enough and walked away from all of it. After doing that they stopped talking to me and now it seems as if they avoid me. Hold your head up the light is at the end of the tunnel you dont need people that you know will force back into the evil ways you fought hard to leave behind. Things will get better for you, good deeds never go unpunished. Let this be a HUGE example to yourself and those around you of what happens when drugs take over the lives of friends, family, etc. It kills me to see this happen I have known all of them since high school and one of them is my best friend that I have known since pre school. It sucks man believe me I know, but it will all work out for you I promise.

that totally sucks. I had the same thing happen when i was your age. just give it time and youll find a new crowd.

Good for you. Those friends will only bring you back to the place you fought so hard to leave. Although it feels like it now, that will not be the only thing that comes of it. Try to stay strong. There will be good times coming. Don't despair. Do things that help you meet other people. Are there any groups you can join where people have the same interests as you?