It Can't Be Me

I am a very friendly person. Although I suffer from social anxiety I still make an effort to make friends because once I do and the person I am talking to seems friendly, it puts my anxiety at ease. I try to hide the fact I have social anxiety and most people dont know i have it because of how sociable I am . So normally it is fairly easy for me to make friends, but not here. The people seem more interested in themselves. If I try to start a conversation or even try to exchange a greeting I am returned with a scowl, a constipated look or even a grunt....maybe cuz they really are constipated.

Either way I have been friendless for 8 years. I put up with it because when my husband is around I feel he is the only friend I really need. It still angers me that it is so difficult to make friends out west here. I was born and raised in the mid west and carry strong midwestern values so I am noticing how much it clashes with some out here. Notice I said some. I know nice friendly people are hiding somewhere out here I just dont know where.

Eggie83 Eggie83
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2009

This is a lovely write you have a heart and soul for pure talent Amazing words you have penned here thanks for sharing. Your poetic heart reaches and touches places to which would stay silent upon minds.Yes you breathe sensual without the utterance of words .. and strongly voices are these feelings,. We are to be drawn into the unity of togetherness, to breathe and take breath.. beautifully A fine mastery of creative art Much love to you…..:)

There are many good friends on this site... who will welcome you, it takes time and patience. Good luck!