The Mystery Of Friendless Life.

Hello Everyone.

My Name is Karan, and I am from India,at this point of time while writing this story of mine,i will reveal the deepest of thoughts which i have not expressed to anyone.Born and brought up in Bombay,one of the finest cities in india.There is this vicious cycle of friendlessness,although throughout my life i have been a very polite and nice person , it has always been that though i do land up having friends in most stages of my life, for some reason or the other the friendship doesnt seem to lost for long,and than this cycle of loniliness begins, depressive as this may sound, i sometimes blame it onto the destiny,but there must be really something which is the reason behind it.I am a very unresponsiveness person unable to express my view points most of times but i really i dont understand the reason behind it.I tend to get negative thoughts at most of times,sometimes it gets up to my throat and makes me choke, this feeling is really bad and i wont to get out of it but this seems like cycle which will never end,no matter how hard i try.Currently am 24 years of age nearing 25...i really i do not understand the mystery behind it .


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I've had experiences similar to yours. People come into your life, then they leave. I've tried to make the best of it. Loneliness is hard to handle, I know.<br />
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I don't know about the people you've been friends with but I seem to attract users who get what they want then don't seem so interested anymore. I don't think I did anything wrong and if I did I wish they'd tell me what I did. They get easier to spot as time goes on.

Enjoy the moment that life gave you a friend to share some laughter with, We are much like the mountain climber who sees one great mountain before him. We scale the peak in the belief that, once there, we have reached the summit of all existence. It is only when we get to the top that we can see the vast ocean of mountain ranges stretching on before us. <br />
Be well, be blessed, be at peace.

Hello Kaaran. Oh I know he feeling. I am able to express myself but it is still hard to keep friends. I can make them although it takes time, but they always let me down in the end over something unforgivable and that I am unable to forgive them for especially as they havent said sorry. It's a lonely place sometimes! I feel your pain. I have just come on this site to close my profile as I can't keep up with it at the moment however I have managed to put my profile on vacation instead. I will look you up when I get back from my mad busy time. Good luck, be yourself, most people are not themselves and have no real concept of what a freind is anyhow. They wouldn't know friendship of it knocked them over the head in the night! It's an illussion. All you really need is two friends, yourself and someone to share the ups and downs with. You will meet them when the time is right. herish them and be a good friend to them, it is worth it in the end despite the hard journey.