14years Old, No Friends, Loner? Pretty Much...

yea i am 14years old, i used to have friends when i was little but not "real" ones i could trust
am still young yet i feel i don't fit in anywhere.
i am an attractive girl as said by most ppl but i just seem to come across as very cocky and self-centered.
i feel sick when in school we are asked to go into groups because i know that no one would like to pair up with meh, i start to feel sweaty and uneasy, it is sooo bad that i would always go to the toilet and cry my eyes out.
i DREAD weekends because i see most ppl going out and having fun but i am just stuck in my house

i see ppl with friends and i am mostly on my own, why? i always ask myself but still today i cant find a reason...

i am scared that i would never cope in the uni
what do i do????
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Hey I'm 30. What I can tell you is to keep a positive attitude and. Everything will be fine. Loneliness is hardware but if you dont get depressed then it leads you to the kind of life you really want to; to the people that are meant for you. So relax and think about a beautiful future. Which is waiting for you

I am in a similar situation, yet I seem to know why I am an outcast of sorts. I am about one of the most intelligent people in my class, and many of the more popular girls just don't understand how my mind works.... :( But I don't need them since I have my cat! He doesn't judge. :D

Thats how things were for me in school, I dreaded being put into groups because whoever was in my group would complain about it quite loudly. I dreaded going to college...so I didn't. Big mistake. Don't let this impression of school keep you from succeeding. People change and mature over time (most that is) and things will be different as you get older. Most people don't even keep the same friends when they leave high school so don't think of this as time to make friends, take this time alone to study and get good grades. I know it sucks now, believe me I know, things will change.