I Have Learned To Live With Being Lonley

I have always been on the more quite side growing up and my family uprooting and moving every few years didnt help me any,making new friends at school was the worst,I am now 34 and completly friendless and its not for lack of trying,I try hard I feel to connect with others but for whatever reson the friendship never takes off,my husband has lots of friends its so easy for him,even in meeting his friends wifes I dont form any friendships,sometimes I try so hard for a person to like me I say stupid things
I have three kids,two are in school,I have made no parent conections,sit alone at school events unless I'm with my husband,moms are a chatter around me and I am alone so so alonecrying

chrise35 chrise35
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I think when you project an unsure vibe people are nervous to connect .Even though i don,t feel that i was that popular in school i knew most everybody but i did not mingle much because what i was projecting was fake. What they thought was i was this happy fat chick i got really good at faking. And in school there was control. If i mingle outside of school i could not fake for long get it.

I have gained some weight since having my babies but this started long ago,I remember in school I would only have one or two friends,not by choice but that just seemed the way it went and after school none of those relationships stuck,I never thought about it so much as now,I feel such isolation that is become the norm in my life,now I try to avoid the social situations now because of that fear of rejection,it must be something about me but what?

Hey chrise do you think it has some thing to do with your weight if your are large some times you do not really show the true person that you are i see that you are 35 such a nice age i am 42 and i know this now. i too use to be sort of stand back and let people come to me let them talk to me first but when i started to speak up things got much better !!