Completely Alone In This Big World.

I have no friends, no family, no neighbors, no coworkers, no acquaitances, no relationships, no children, and no pet. It's not that I haven't been trying, it just seems that everyome I had met through the past 3 years chooses to ignore me to the fullest. I have a great personality, I consider myself good looking, I am always friendly, and I never had a problem with being liked. I honestly do not know what drives people away from me. Women don't look at me anymore and people just don't seem as friendly to me as I had always been accustomed to. I am quite possibly the most lonely man on earth. I need someone to interact with, I need someone to make me feel human again. No matter what I do, I just can't keep someone interested in me. Nobody wants anything to do with me and I fear that it'll never change. This brings me back to my first story, about being suicidal. If I have no one in my life, then what's the point in living? Seriously, why am I here if I have no one to share my life with?
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Hang in there. I do understand. I will be moving soon, to a place where I know no one. That is a scary idea. The scariest part is not knowing where I will be moving to. <br />
You will make friends. Find a group that you have an interesest in, there you will find like minded people. Smile, and be friendly, soon you find yourself surrounded by people who care about you. I wish you the best of luck. Things will work out for you, do not lose hope.

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I am beautiful? Thanks a bunch but I am not sure I know what you mean.

You are beautiful

If I may make a suggestion . . .try volunteering to help some community organisation. Sometimes when we get down on ourselves we can benefit from shifting our focus to others. It can be a really positive boost. I hope you try it.

It takes time to make friends especially when you are new in town. hang in there.

right there with ya

Please don't give up. I don't know Florida but aren't there any clubs you could join? How about a church group? I know it's hard to meet new people but at least you're friendly. Hang on in there.

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It sure is nice to have someone respond to my story. I moved from Massachusetts to Florida. The town I live in is not zombie town, but it mind as well be because I know nobody here. I'd like a new environment but I don't know anyone anywhere. I am trying my best to not give up but all signs are pointing in that direction. Thanks for your message and I hope to hear from you again.<br />