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Some Advice

For all those people who post their stories here to this group "I have no friends"... Let me give you some tips or things to think about (am only trying to help a little...)

here are my insights about friendships:

• You always have the chance to make friends. Once you let them in your heart, you will find them. God will be with you during your search for new friends and he can help you, if you ask Him to help you, then He will be, but to find a true friend takes time, courage, and a lot of patience!!! True friends are the ones who are truely interested in you, who you are, who keep supporting you in bad times, who cry and smile with you. I believe the easiest way to find new friends is by going to places where you love to be, so you find other people there who also love to be there, maybe like joining a club or so, going out more, or by the internet, I know many people who are using free dating websites just to find new friends, no dates, that really worked for them, but you won't find friends if you don't let tem into your heart. God is with you.
• The people who still keep in touch with you after you graduated are the real friends (just to hang out with you and to know how you are n what u've been doing and keep on mailing you even when things in ur life dont go the way u want it, not like they need ur help for something that will only be good for them to take advantage of u cos ive known those kind of peeps too...)
the people who still keep in touch with u, wh r really interested in YOU, those r the true friends, who stay in touch with u even when things in ur life arent going so well as u were hoping for, who give u support and advice in those times, friends who cry and smile with u, those are the real ones. I have heard on the radio there was this research in belgium (where i live) to see how many true friends each belgian person has. the average number was maximum two people. i have three really close true friends. From which id say two of them are a bit closer then the third one.
If the people that you called a friend are not giving u the friendship u were hoping for, i would advice u to make friends somewhere elsewhere, which is up to u where u will be looking for them to find, but i do believe everyone will find at least one person who can be your kindred spirit friend. dont give up hopes!
• When a friend leaves, a new friend will come along. Only if we allow ourselves to let this new person in into our hearts.
• when u lose a friend: People who are not willing to understand you can be so stubborn so that they decide to destroy a friendship that was really good. Sometimes words just come out alllll wrong. Friends come and go, and why they go isn't always clear unfortunately..

but again... making true friends takes time, a lot of patience and courage, and they can only be your friend when you give yourself the change to let them into your heart!!!!

good luck to all of you!

PS: anyone who wants to mail me here for a little chat about whatever, feel free to do it :-)
AngelicLights AngelicLights 26-30, F 2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

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Finsa1025, you can only find friends if you try to MAKE friends, it's not difficult at all, but it does take at least a bit of effort. Friendship never happens automatically. Don't keep on waiting for other people to take the first step. The way I have found my friends is because of taking some effort, going out, starting a conversation, and then when that 'click' is there like lego, you can find a friend that way. Go to clubs, go outside...<br />
Let me give you this link, I think it can really help you, plz read it:<br /> <br />
PS: God works through people, and I felt like i 'had' to write this to you, so please don't forget, there is NO single friendship that automatically happens, it takes some effort!!<br />
i wish you good luck :) <br />

you don't get it. I have NO FRIENDS. Nobody kept in touch with me after school ended. no one calls. i do everything alone...If i didn't go to work, I would go days without anyone even talking to me. It's been 20 years. God hasn't sent me a friend -- and I ask a couple times each minute.