I Feel So Alone And Insecure..

I feel so alone and rejected it hurts sometimes. I never really had friends in highschool,and my longest running friend of 8 years...well I havent heard from him in quite a while. I feel like the world hates me and I'm so imperfect no one wants to be around me.I go to work come home and do nothing, usually sleep or check my god-forsaken Facebook for some kind of human Interaction. I wish I knew how to fix this Ive been fine for so long just being a loner, or being with my gf who is no longer in the picture.Even now I feel like I'm failing at writting this, but being at the end of my rope ill post it anyway. It boils down to insecurity..I work out, eat healthy, I have some acne, people tell me its not bad but I think they are lying to be nice. I've tried making friends, but I just don't do so well at that,I have a younger brother who excels at being social and perfect he does exceptionally well at friends, whereas I do negative well. Don't get me wrong I don't hate him or anything, I am in fact terribly proud of him but that is beside the point. So that's it , thats my story for better or worse its out there. There's more to it, but Ill let it be for now. Maybe ill get some help or comfort out of this yet.
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The insecurity makes things so hard. Not only do we feel like no one likes us, but if anyone does seem to say something nice or be nice to us... its hard to ever believe them, to really take it to heart. Isn't it funny how we scour facebook for human input? I also have the friend that I'd had for years, but never hear from, and a recent ex boyfriend. How did we get this way? How do other people do it?

here something slightly off topic. Acne. an Easy problem to solve ( most times) <br />
<br />
1. Use Noxema, I swear by it. I apply it in the hot shower and wear it for a mask until end of shower, rinse off and apply OIL OF OLAY moisterizer. At night, I bath again,wash as usual but before I go to bed I apply a mask of noxema and sleep with it on. (everyday)<br />
<br />
2. I like Lumene (brand) or St.Ives Apricot scrub exfoliators. ( once a week) It's a face wash with little bits of things n it that take off dead skin and stuff. ( good for use on whole body except for privates!)<br />
<br />
3. Oxy vanishing cream . I swear by this stuff too. If you get a zit depending on the size if you apply the cream to it at night, it's pretty much gone the next day and barely visible. <br />
<br />
if all else fails go to a dermatologist, my cousin went to one recently and her skin is great and I had some friends back in high school who had acne problems and as soon as they went to a dermatologist, beautiful clear skin.<br />
<br />
since obviously acne is on your mind, if you clear it up it will give you more confidence to improve your situation.

Well at least that would make two of us I suppose. If you ever wanted to talk or anything I can relate trust me.

I feel the same way..